Limiting Belief Series: 3 Limiting Beliefs I Used To Have About Money

Video: 3 Limiting Beliefs I Used To Have About Money

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs About Money: Personal Insights

In today’s video, we delve into a critical aspect of personal development and manifestation: overcoming limiting beliefs about money. I’ll share three personal examples of limiting beliefs I’ve encountered and how recognizing and reprogramming these beliefs can profoundly impact your financial wellbeing.

1. Belief: Earning Money is Hard

This belief often stems from childhood observations and experiences. For instance, hearing parents complain about financial struggles can instill a belief that money is hard to come by. Such a mindset can lead to a self-defeating cycle where you either avoid pursuing wealth or feel undeserving of it when it comes. The key to overcoming this belief is to recognize the abundance of opportunities and ease with which money can be earned, challenging the ingrained notion that financial success must always be a struggle.

2. Belief: Rich People are Different or Bad

Cultural stereotypes, like the depiction of wealthy individuals as greedy or evil, can shape our perception of wealth. Growing up with such representations can instill a belief that accumulating wealth might make you a ‘bad’ person, or that wealth is unattainable for ‘normal’ people. Overcoming this belief involves seeking positive examples of wealthy individuals who use their resources for good, and understanding that wealth is not a moral failing but a tool that can be used for positive impact.

3. Belief: Asking for Money is Greedy

Many of us are taught from a young age that it’s impolite or greedy to ask for money. This belief can hinder our ability to negotiate salaries or raise prices in business. Recognizing that advocating for fair compensation is a healthy and necessary part of financial success is crucial. Breaking this limiting belief involves redefining your worth and understanding that asking for what you deserve is not greed, but self-respect.


Identifying and challenging these limiting beliefs is the first step towards financial liberation. Remember, you have the power to reshape your thinking and beliefs. By consciously choosing to adopt a healthier mindset towards money, you open yourself to a world of financial possibilities and empowerment.

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3 Limiting Beliefs I Used To Have About Money


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