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Lightworkers! 3 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose

Are you a lightworker who’s wondering how to find your purpose?

You’re definitely not alone on this sometimes scary path.

The world is waking up and more lightworkers are realizing their true path than ever before.

Sure, if you watch the news for 20 minutes or so it will do its job: to SCARE you about the current state of the world.

But the truth is this beautiful planet that we live on has only become safer and healthier over the last forty years.

We’re collectively waking up! More and more people are connecting to their spiritual powers each and every day.

And some of those people are realizing that they are in fact lightworkers:

A lightworker is a special person with almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.

The rocky roads we’re going through out there are not here by accident! For so many of us, these challenging times serve a higher purpose. They’re actually here to knock us out of pretending and back onto our divine soul path.

Lightworkers are here to shine their light and help make a difference on this planet.

And the world needs more of us to help raise the collective consciousness of the planet!

However, simply experiencing a spiritual awakening and tuning into our potential as a lightworker is not enough.

Let’s face it: back when we were kids and someone asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up, none of us said “I want to be a healer/ tarot card reader/ coach / EFT specialist/ psychic/ craniosacral therapist/ etc.”

That means that no matter how connected you are to your spirituality you probably also have a lot of negative programming to undo.

  • We’ve been taught to hide our energetic gifts (or that they’re not real or that they’re embarrassing etc.)
  • We’ve been taught that we can’t actually make money doing something like that (In fact, maybe you’ve been told you shouldn’t charge for your services at all.)
  • We’ve been taught that to be “successful” and support a family you need to have a “real job”–whatever the eff that means! We’ve been told over and over again that being artistic or spiritual just isn’t viable.

But not a single one of those beliefs is actually true!

In fact, we’ve never been in a better time for the lightworkers to share their gifts and make money while doing it.

A robot is just never going to replace that kind of connection! Plus just reading about doing something is never going to be the same as having someone actually do it for you.

Plus, we all have more potential connection to the world around us than ever! We live in a universe where it’s 100% possible for you to conduct sessions around the world using just your phone.

Even twenty years ago that would not have been possible! Meaning that yes, in the world you grew up in, making a living as a tarot card reader in the tiny town you live in would not have been viable.

But the world has changed rapidly and all those old barriers to success have been removed. We all have the option to play and share our gifts with the world!

Yet that programming runs deep. And it means that many of us are still too afraid to take the first step towards–you know–telling people what we can do and actually making money by doing it.

So today I want to help you potential lightworkers get a little bit more clear about your purpose and how you can start to do your sacred work.

Lightworkers: 3 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose Question #1:

What Are Your Defining Life Experiences?

We all have a set of defining moments in life–either good or bad–that have created our current self-identity. Maybe you were the “weird” spiritual kid who could see auras or had the (ghost-like) invisible friend. Or maybe you had a profound (but not outwardly spiritual) moment in adulthood that ultimately changed the way you thought about yourself or the world.

Remember, there is no “wrong” answer here! So don’t judge what jumps out to you. Just know that your biggest life experiences have a lot to do with who you are as a spiritual being on this planet. We’re not all born just naturally knowing what we’re here to do! Often our biggest desires are revealed to us through moments of loss or surprise.

Even the “bad” things can ultimately leave us empowered with more self-knowledge! So think about it: what were your defining moments? What did they teach you? How were you different afterward? The answers to those questions can definitely lead you to your true soul purpose!

Find Your Purpose Question #2:

What Are People Always Asking You For Help With?

Of course, we all have certain things that we are just naturally better at. But the funny thing is that many of us undervalue what comes easily to us! We think that just because we naturally seem to know how to do something or that we never formally studied it that it doesn’t count. But of course that’s completely untrue.

While it’s wonderful if you already know what your natural talents are as a lightworker, don’t despair if it isn’t obvious! You might find that your friends and family have already picked up on your natural talents. What do people ask you for help with? What words would they use to describe you?

If you’re really feeling lost about your purpose, go on and ask them yourself! We always think we know what our nearest and dearest think about us but the actual answer can be illuminating–and they can also hold significant clues as to our natural aptitudes, skills and talents!

Find Your Purpose Question #3:

What Issues/Themes Do You Resonate With?

There are often patterns in our life that show us which injustices hurt us the most. Our emotions are a form of internal compass. So we can learn a lot about ourselves from what sparks our fury or awe!

And again, it’s often moments of loss or hardship that “earthquake” us back to where we’re ultimately meant to be in life.

(For more about that, read my post here about the Spiritual 2×4 Moment!)

But don’t limit thinking about this question to your own experiences. Sometimes the issues that sit closest to your heart are being acted out on TV or in the headlines of the news. So pay attention to what makes you take notice. What issues do you actively protest or involve yourself with? What kinds of patterns do you see in your passions in the world?

Those emotional cues are valuable so be sure to listen for what else they might be able to tell you about your spiritual purpose!

So tell me: did you learn anything from these questions? What was your big A-ha Moment? What did you find out as your lightworker purpose?

Always remember that you are here for a reason my friend! You’ve been awakened to your truth and now it’s time to share your glorious gifts with the world. While the path ahead isn’t always linear or easy, it’s the reason why you’re here!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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girl on the beach with text that reads Lightworkers! 3 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose


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