Why You Need To Liberate Your Desire ( & 3 Ways To Do It!)

Why You Need To Liberate Your Desire (& 3 Ways To Do It!)

It has many names: Craving. Thirst. Lust.

But desire is our life-force energy.

It’s our roadmap. It leads us to choose careers, hobbies and romantic partners. It defines who we are.

But sometimes our desires are not really our own.

We’re all products of modern life. That means by the time we become adults, we’ve been exposed to thousands of hours listening to our parents, teachers, friends and the media.

When you get exposed to a certain message over and over again, you begin to internalize it.

You start to perceive it as your own, even when it didn’t actually come from you.

After all, we’re social creatures. We learn how to run with the pack. We start to desire certain things in order to impress others or to make them think we’re good or successful people.

And most of the time, we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Liberating your desire is about finding your true essence.

It’s about finding out what’s truly important to you and stopping long enough to ask yourself why you really want something.

Because the desires that are truly are own are the only ones worth pursuing.

They’re the goals with soul. They’re the dreams that stoke our unique fire. They’re the ideas that propel us forward on the unique path we’re each here to live.

The only way to find your own truly liberated desire is to look deep within yourself.

In order to live authentically, you must become intimately acquainted with yourself.

You need to understand what really makes you tick, not just what you’ve learned to like and admire over the years.

Your voice is important. And it’s time to start listening to that voice.

Liberated desire is a powerful force.

It burns bright. It lifts both you and those around you up. Liberated desire makes you an incredibly attractive and magnetic person. (Since most people don’t operate in that mindset but they recognize it when they see it.)

So are you struggling to find your inner fire?

If so, here are three ways you can start to tune into your true voice, and hone in on those true liberated desires. Let’s all burn a little brighter!

How To Liberate Your Desire

Liberate Your Desire Step #1:


All that’s required to tune into yourself is some quiet and distance from your every day life. It’s much more easy to find the feelings you hold deep in your heart or your gut when you tune out the static of the every day.

Meditation is by far the best way to quiet the noise of the world around us. Our minds are inherently messy places and meditation is simply a way to hit the reset button.

It’s so easy to get stuck on the mental treadmill of worrying about tomorrow or obsessing about yesterday. We spend most of our time not really engaged in our present reality. And of course, the more time you spend not in the present moment the less you become in touch with your real self. (Because of course, we only ever exist in the present moment.) Practicing meditation just helps you tune into exactly who you are now.

To get started with meditation, I recommend checking out these meditations by Jessica Snow or by downloading the Headspace app.

Liberate Your Desire Step #2:


Journaling is by far one of the most effective tools for finding your inner voice. At the darkest moments in my life, I turned to the power of the pen and paper. Dumping all my thoughts out onto paper (or the screen) helped me sort through them. It’s almost like I couldn’t process my divorce until I had physically put every piece in front of me. So I’m forever a big fan of this tool to get in touch with yourself, whether or not you’re in crisis mode.

Personally, I’m a big fan of morning pages: the process of writing every day, first thing in the morning (from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way process of writing every day, first thing in the morning), but you can find awesome results even without a regular practice.

To unleash your inner voice, you can journal in any way you like: typing or in a notebook. Just relax and let yourself record whatever comes into your head. This isn’t writing for someone else. It’s an intensely personal thing and you can throw any and all rules out the window.

Your voice is waiting inside you. Sometimes it just takes some concentrated effort to unleash it.

Liberate Your Desire Step #3:


Modern life is busy. We’re used to cramming every single moment of the day full of stuff: social media is always there to fill any voids in our day. But your inner voice needs quiet to in order speak to you.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced the madness of coming up with a brilliant idea or solution while doing the dishes, driving or while you’re in the shower. These “mindless” tasks are often the only time we give ourselves to just let our mind float.

Personally, I like to create some blank mental space, simply by going for a walk without the aid of music or podcasts. (*gasp!* I know right?) The act of walking occupies your body; you can’t really do anything else but walk. But you also don’t have to concentrate on the task at hand, which leaves plenty of time to let your mind wander where it wants to go.

When I was a teenage would-be novelist, I’d dream up chapters in my books on my walk home from school.

If you’re intrigued, try going for regular 20 minute walks during your day, without your phone. You might want to bring a notepad with you to record those truly inspirational thoughts! Because trust me, they’ll show up.

I hope this post inspired you to liberate your desire! Finding your passion is a cornerstone for enlightened self-work.

And thank you so much for being here today! Much love.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Why You Need To Liberate Your Desire ( & 3 Ways To Do It!)


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