Introducing The "Personal Policy"

Video: Introducing The “Personal Policy”

Why You Need A “Personal Policy”

Today is the perfect time to discuss setting effective boundaries and creating new, positive habits. As a life coach and Law of Attraction teacher, I know how crucial it is to establish routines that support our goals. Today, I’ll share a favorite tip that can significantly help you in sticking to your resolutions, especially when it involves saying ‘no’ to certain situations and people.

The Challenge of New Routines

We all know that establishing new routines can be tough, especially when they involve changing long-standing habits. Whether it’s choosing the gym over Netflix or other lifestyle changes, voicing and sticking to these new routines can be particularly challenging with people who’ve known us in a different light.

Introducing the Concept of a Personal Policy

This is where the idea of a ‘personal policy’ comes in. It’s a straightforward yet effective strategy to lay down the groundwork for your new habits and boundaries without causing discomfort or guilt to others or yourself.

How to Implement Your Personal Policy

Creating Boundaries with Ease

Imagine you have a habit of going out every Friday for drinks with colleagues, but your new routine involves cutting back. Here, a personal policy might be deciding to limit yourself to just one drink. When someone asks or insists on you having more, a simple, “It’s my personal policy to only have one drink on Fridays,” sets a clear boundary in a non-confrontational way.

Reducing Peer Pressure and Misunderstandings

This approach helps in avoiding misunderstandings or feelings of judgment. When you frame your decision as a personal policy, it becomes less about rejecting others’ invitations or choices and more about adhering to your own rules. This can diffuse potential pressure or offense.

Taking on the New Year with Confidence

A Challenge for You

As we embark on our New Year’s resolutions, I challenge you to try this approach. If you’re incorporating new systems or routines into your life, use the ‘personal policy’ method to communicate your boundaries. It’s an excellent way to establish clear guidelines without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Remember, the beginning of any new routine is the most challenging part. By effectively communicating your boundaries through personal policies, you can navigate these changes more smoothly and set yourself up for long-term success.

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Introducing The "Personal Policy"


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