woman spraying her face with text How To Make Your Own DIY Manifestation Spray

How To Make Your Own DIY Manifestation Spray

Looking for a little extra oomph to add to your manifestation routine? Perhaps it’s time to add an extra layer of fun to your practice!

So here’s an idea for you that I have personally been loving lately: Manifestation Spray.

Recently I got the brilliant idea to combine my love for pretty scents with one of my favorite things in the world: manifestation.

I love using sprays and essential oils for general vibe-raising and obviously for their yummy scented goodness.

But yes there is a way to use this magick for manifesting! (And I’ll explain more in this post.)

As with all magickal undertakings, I rely a lot more on intuition than following the rules. But I know that many of you want allll the details about this stuff. So it was with you lot in mind that I decided to create this post today with tips and how-to’s as well as my personal DIY Manifestation Spray recipe.

What is Manifestation Spray?

Manifestation spray is a simple room spray that’s used to both clear energy and to create a better bond between you and your manifestation desire.

The spray itself is a high-vibe essential oil mix that we use to help clear the space, calm our mind, and trigger ourselves into a manifestation-positive mindset.

How Do You Use Manifestation Spray?

You can use Manifestation Spray in all kinds of different ways! The possibilities are endless. I like to use spray some on my pillow at night (for when I’m doing my subconscious reprogramming exercises) or sometimes when I’m meditating or journaling.

But you can use it any time really, just as you would any other room spray.

I love Manifestation Spray to help lock in my intentions and to make things feel more ritualistic and magickal. However, I’m always clear that it’s the real work behind the scenes that’s creating the manifestations, not the spray itself. However, the spray can be used as a tool to tune us into our desire again and to remind us of our intentions.

How To Make Your Own DIY Manifestation Spray

My Manifestation Spray has two main elements:

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way of harnessing the energy of nature in a convenient form. Essential oils use extracts from plants to create a strong oil with a concentrated scent. When you use essential oils, you are tapping into the energy of each particular plant.

For our manifestation spray purposes, it’s important to select an essential oil with warming and attracting qualities, such as cinnamon, wild orange, patchouli,

Plus their aromatic nature is magick in itself! Scent is one of the strongest triggers for our subconscious mind. So why not use that to help us manifest our desires?

If you start using your manifestation spray while you’re journaling, visualizing, or meditating, soon the very scent itself will help you to tap into your dreams and goals. That means that once you’ve created that trigger in your mind, just smelling your Manifestation Spray will help tune you back into a manifestation mindset.

Gem Water

Gem water is simply water that’s been infused with the energy of a crystal. And it’s super simple to make! Select a crystal of your choice and add it to a bowl of water for 24 hours (or longer). And voila! It’s ready.

Now, take the crystal out and use the water for your choice of all kinds of magickal uses.
photo of roses with bottle

My DIY Manifestation Spray

  • Small spray bottle
  • Citrine gem water OR small citrine crystals to keep in the bottle
  • Frankincese essential oil (for attraction and abundance)
  • Lavender essential oil (for grounding and healing)
  • Sweet orange essential oil (for confidence and achievement)

Fill your bottle with the gem water. Add your essential oil drops. I used about 5 drops each but start with 3 each and see how you go! The size of your bottle will affect how much oil you need. Plus some people don’t want a super-strong smelling spray so go easy at first! You can always add more later.

To add some extra oomph, hold your bottle with both hands and imagine that you’re filling it up with white light.

Or if you have a specific manifestation intention, spray the air with the Manifestation spray and visualize the manifestation in as much detail as possible.

After that first session, use the spray any way you like!

Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before use!


Spray the air or yourself (or both!) with your Manifestation Spray anytime you are doing your inner work (Manifestation Journaling, visualizing, listening to subliminals etc.) or just anytime you need a high-vibe energy boost.

(Always test a drop on your wrist before using on your body or face!)

Have fun with this and please let me know how it goes for you!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman spraying her face with text How To Make Your Own DIY Manifestation Spray


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