How To Make Desire Actually Feel Good (Manifesting Trick!)

Video: How To Make Desire Feel Good (Manifesting Trick!)

Transforming Desire into a Source of Joy and Abundance

Desire is a complex emotion, often associated with feelings of lack or discontent. However, in today’s video, I’ll guide you through transforming your approach to desire, turning it from a source of discomfort into a catalyst for joy and abundance. This shift in perspective is crucial for manifestors and conscious creators like us, as it aligns our emotional state with the process of bringing our dreams to fruition.

Embracing Desire as a Positive Force

The first step is to reframe our understanding of desire. It’s not inherently negative or indicative of greed. Instead, view your desires as signposts, guiding you towards your spiritual purpose. Each unique longing is a part of your journey, leading to self-discovery and fulfillment. Embrace these desires, separating them from temporary, fleeting wants, and focus on the deeper, more meaningful aspirations that resonate with your soul.

Dismantling Perfectionist Fantasies Around Desires

Often, we create unrealistic fantasies around our desires, believing that achieving them will eliminate all negative emotions and lead to a perfect life. This perception creates a gap between our reality and expectations, leading to frustration. Instead, focus on cultivating the emotions you associate with your desires right now. Realize that no life is perfect, not even when you attain your goals. By doing this, you reduce the pressure on your desires to be life-transforming and start enjoying the journey towards them.

Cultivating Abundance in the Pursuit of Desires

Shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance. Rather than fixating on what you lack, appreciate what you currently have while still aspiring for more. This approach involves being content and grateful for your present circumstances, even as you work towards your goals. It’s about enjoying your current state – whether it’s being single, your financial status, or your professional life – and still holding space for growth and improvement.

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How To Make Desire Actually Feel Good (Manifesting Trick!)

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