How To Get Into Flow

How To Get Into Flow

Imagine what life would be like….

…if things just magically lined up for you.

…if opportunities came your way, seemingly out of the blue.

…if you seemed to magnetically attract all the things you desire.

That state is real and it’s called flow: that magical state of being where you are totally in tune with yourself and the Universe is totally in tune with you.

Getting there simply involves alignment: the process of getting your thoughts, emotions, desires and actions (and therefore your energy) all lined up and headed in the same direction.

Achieving this flow state is a lot trickier than it first sounds.

Most of us are absolute experts at getting in our own way!

Sometimes we’re scared of making a change because we fear failure. Sometimes we’re scared that we don’t really deserve what we want or that we just don’t have it in us (and instead of finding out for sure, it’s better to stay where we are). Sometimes we like to talk a lot about what we want, followed immediately by all the reasons why we can’t really have it.

Recognize all of this self-sabotaging behavior ultimately comes from a place of fear.

And the only way through it is to learn to trust and love ourselves and the Universe.

No one’s life is insignificant. You are here for a reason and the more time you spend in fear and doubt the less time you’ll be able to spend living fully, wholly, consciously.

So be brave darlings. It’s time to learn how to trust.

If you need some advice for how to release struggle and old limiting patterns, these five tips should help get you back to the flow state–where you truly belong.

How To Get Into Flow

How To Get Into Flow Step #1:


Visualization is my go-to pick for getting into the right mental space for flow. And all it really requires is you spending a few minutes envisioning your goals in all their glorious detail.

Making your goal real inside your mind is always the first step of any journey. You have to be brave enough to dream the dream! Then you start bringing it into existence by making it real in your own mind. Once it’s so real in your mind’s eye that you know what it would really feel like you’re in the right place. Your mindset is ready; now the Universe will have no choice but to start bringing you things that are an energetic match to that vision.

How To Get Into Flow Step #2:

Follow Your Intuition

The truth is we’re all constantly being guided to exactly what we need in life. The only problem is that we miss the signals because we’re not listening to our own intuition. But life is magical and strange and delicious. Sometimes you have to break away from your logical mind and follow what your soul is telling you instead. Maybe you should ditch work this afternoon in favor of sitting in the park. Maybe you should take a chance on walking to a new coffee shop or taking a route to work or talking to that interesting person sitting next to you at the bar.

You never know what brilliant happy opportunities are going to come your way and you won’t ever find out unless you start trusting in yourself and taking the chance.

How To Get Into Flow Step #3:

Pursue Your Happiness

The things that bring you happiness are automatic vibration raisers. They skyrocket your energy, which makes it easier for you to naturally align with your goals and dreams. But your happiness is more than that: it’s also offering you clues as to what’s important in your life.

Your desires and the things that bring you joy are yours to explore. Figure out what makes you feel good and figure out how to do more of that. No, that doesn’t mean you should quit your job to watch cat videos on YouTube all day! But you are meant to live a joyful life. You don’t have to wait for anyone or anything in order to grow closer to that.

(Note: be aware that there’s a big difference between prolonged happiness and fleeting pleasure! They might feel the same at first but they end in very different places. Pleasures that have consequences will probably lower your energy in the end, instead of raising it. Don’t get them confused!)

How To Get Into Flow Step #4:

Kill The “Should’s”

The word “should” is judgment incarnate, whether we apply it to other people or to ourselves. If you spend a lot of time thinking about what you “should” be doing, you just might be missing the forest for the trees. Our headstrong logic is often a million miles away from what our soul wants and what our intuition is telling us. “Should” is often just the disguised voice of society, our parents or our peers.

You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations but your own. Stay true to you and the path will always appear in front of you.

How To Get Into Flow Step #5:

Drop The Struggle

We tend to struggle and force the world to bend to our will when we’ve lost faith. We think the Universe isn’t going to show up for us so we start doing everything in our power to go where we want to go. But struggling in life is like thrashing around in a pool of water, trying not to drown: it takes up a lot of energy and doesn’t necessarily do you any good.

Start by letting go. Know that when you do your part, the Universe will do the same. There’s no need to scheme or to coerce or to panic. Go back to loving and trusting yourself. Go back to working on really truly believing in your vision in your heart and soul because that’s when the magic will start to show up. You don’t need to struggle. You only need to remember to trust.

I hope this post helps you get back into the magical state of flow, where we all deserve to be! It’s time to stop doubting and start loving again and the only person who can do that is you.

Thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Get Into Flow

How To Get Into Flow

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