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Video: How To Change A Belief

Wondering how to change a belief?

After all, beliefs are important for both our overall happiness and our manifestations.

If you want to be a Conscious Creator of your own life, then you’re going to have to get serious about your belief structure! We all have beliefs and ideas that don’t at all serve who we want to be.

It’s up to you to figure out what those beliefs are so you can go in and change them! Fortunately, this is work we can do any time. Here’s an easy four-step process to get started.

If you want to step into your life as a conscious creator and live up to your potential, there is something that you are definitely going to have to do on your journey, and that is learning how to change a belief.

We all have beliefs in our minds that are not serving us to our highest good. Learning how to identify and change those beliefs is going to help you so much on your journey. That’s what today’s video is about. If you are wanting to learn more about this important topic, then be sure to keep watching.

Changing a belief.

The good news is it’s actually pretty easy to do. The key to changing a belief is really just to understand that this is a conscious process. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s going to take a little bit of effort on your behalf to really lock this in. It takes effort to really go from a place where there’s a belief that isn’t serving you into a place where you’ve replaced that belief with something that actually serves your purposes and supports your dreams. It’s going to help you go where you want to go.

Beliefs Are Just Stories

The one thing you need to understand before we get started is that most of our beliefs are just stories. I know this is hard to get into your minds at first. But an example that I can tell you right now that will really illustrate how this works is politics. You probably know somebody, maybe in your family or maybe you know of somebody that has radically different views from you on politics. That’s a really touchy button topic right now, of course.

Those people that have radically different views from you in this one area are basically going through life doing the same things as you. Their experiences in life are the same as yours. They’re buying groceries at the same stores. They’re watching maybe the same TV shows. They’re still on Facebook. They’re doing all the things that you do. But they just have this different belief structure in their minds about how things should be in the political world.

An Example

I just want you to understand this. I don’t want to call it any side. I don’t want to make anybody right or wrong. I just want to show you guys that we all have beliefs. Having a belief doesn’t necessarily make somebody right and make somebody wrong. These are all just things that we have for ourselves. When you can let go of that, and when you can start to get a little bit of perspective and not feel the need to fight to be right about what you believe in, that is when you open space for something new to come in.

I don’t want to talk today about changing your political beliefs necessarily. But I am going to give you this advice on how to change your beliefs. That’s because we all have limiting beliefs. We have ideas about the way the world works. We have ideas about the way we are as humans that ultimately hold us back. These are called limiting beliefs.

What Limiting Beliefs Do You Have?

An example of that would be: money is difficult to earn, money doesn’t grow on trees. When it comes to love, it would be all the good ones are taken or there’s no one out there for me or I am too weird to date. It’s any weird idea that you have in your mind that isn’t helping you. It doesn’t serve anyone to think money is hard to earn. It’s not helpful to think that you’re undateable. It doesn’t serve anyone to hold on to these ideas about themselves.

Rewrite The Story

Once you figure out what the idea is, it is important to decide that you have the ability to change it. You have to see that you can just as easily decide to believe in something else.

Today I’m going to give you a four-step process. It’s going to help you walk through an easy way you can replace all of these unhelpful, outdated limiting beliefs. Then you can replace them with something that is actually going to help you turn into the person you want to be and achieve the kind of life you want to have.

How To Change A Belief Step #1: Identify Limiting/Unwanted Beliefs

Step number one is to simply identify these limiting beliefs and ideas that you have.

I gave you a few examples already. Once you know what a limiting belief is, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to figure out that you have some. But I guarantee you, we all have some.

It isn’t because you’re an illogical thinker! It’s because these ideas are so prevalent and so common from people that we know. They come from watching things on TV, or from living in this modern world. We just end up picking up these ideas. Some of these ideas stick around. But they don’t do us any favors. They actually limit the way we see things.

But once you limit your scope of what’s available to you, you literally limit your options. That’s right. The first step is to identify these things. It’s to figure out how you’re being limited and just to understand that you can pick something else.

What’s Possible For You To Believe In?

How much fun would it be to go through life thinking that for every dollar you spend, you get three back?

That can be a new belief of yours if you want it. How fun would it be to think that there are wonderful, awesome, dateable people everywhere you go? OR that people come into your life all the time that are totally aligned with you? How much fun would that be to believe instead of thinking things are scarce and hard to find?

I want you to go through your regular day and routine, thinking about what you really want in life. Really start to notice what thought patterns come up for you. Notice anything that’s getting in your way, or telling you you cannot have what you really want. Those are the things we really need to work and shift on. My challenge is for you to go out and identify one to five thoughts that you’re having regularly that are limiting you and what you want in life.

How To Change A Belief Step #2: Ask “Is This Real?”

Be objective and challenge yourself to see if these beliefs are real.

For example, there’s such a common saying that we all grew up hearing: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” But that isn’t actually true! Paper does come from a tree. So some money kind of does grow on trees.

This is just one example of how you can shift your perspective. When you get really critical, you can understand how the sentence that you’re holding onto as truth about reality isn’t necessarily true at all.

Is This True?

Just challenge yourselves to have a little bit of perspective. Step back, and really evaluate whether this thing that you’ve been holding onto is true. Is it true about you or whether it’s true about the world at large? Could there be another possibility? Is there a chance that this statement is wrong?

Really start to challenge yourselves to think outside the box, to go a little bit bigger, and to see if there is more to this than you initially thought.

How To Change A Belief Step #3: Decide On Your New Belief

Now decide on what you are going to believe instead.

Remember that since beliefs are not true, we get to believe in whatever we want, right? Everyone gets to set up their own world and their own life based on their beliefs. So, what do you want to be true about money, about success, about work, about love, whatever it is that you’re working on in your life? What do you want to be true? What do you want to believe in instead?

You Decide On What You See

This is the really exciting part. This is about consciously creating your life! I want you to pick things that are supportive, that feel good, and that work with your goals and intentions instead of working against them. Because overcoming these beliefs is such an important piece of going to the next level, and quantum leaping to where you want to go. You really have to get serious and really consider those beliefs. Because they really are getting in your way without you even noticing.

Get excited, pick a new belief, decide what you want to be true, and we are going to carry that on into the next step, which is step number four.

How To Change A Belief Step #4: Look For Proof

Start looking for proof of the new belief. The reason why you think all your old beliefs are true is that we all have this helpful mechanism in our brain called the reticular activating system. This system actually looks for similarities and like things in the world around us.

What we’re gonna do right now is to consciously use this as a way to reinforce our new belief. Right now, it’s going to be hard for you to let go of the old belief because your brain has accumulated proof of that belief over the years. It remembers instances where it proved that money was hard to earn or whatever it is. Love is hard to find. It’s gonna remember those incidences. It will fight you on changing. Because your brain is lazy, and it doesn’t want to change.

Force Your Brain To Change

What we’re gonna do is work with it. We are going to challenge ourselves to look for proof of the new belief instead. The way the belief will actually be integrated into you is when you can actually really align your heart and your soul with that belief. The way you do that is by proving it to be true.

The thing is, your brain has been proving something else to be true. But it can just as easily prove this to be true. We all have a filter that we walk around wearing. We have a filtered way that we look at the world. We’re just challenging our brain now to forget the old information that we’re used to looking out for and to look for new information.

As soon as you find that new information, you are going to find it. I guarantee it. You haven’t been noticing it because your brain has put a block or a blinder on. But as soon as you open your heart, mind, and eyes to new possibilities, you’re gonna find new ways of proving your new belief. It is really interesting how fast this happens once you put your mind to it.

How To Change A Belief Final Notes

That is my four-step system for changing a limiting belief–or any belief you have that isn’t serving you. I really hope you guys take this to heart and I really hope you apply it. Because this is one of the most important things you can do to become a true conscious creator of your reality and to manifest whatever it is that you are going after in life.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I really appreciate you taking time out of your week to spend here with me. If you liked this video, please give it a like. If you really like this and you know somebody that could benefit from this information, do me another favor and pass it along to them. I’d really love your help in expanding this YouTube community. I’ll be back here again soon in another video, so until then, I’m wishing you an amazing week, and just remember, get ready for the miracle. See you guys.

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How To Change A Belief


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