How To Break Out Of The Matrix

How To Break Out Of The Matrix

Wondering how to break out of the matrix?

What are you going to choose?

The red pill or blue pill?

Keep living the life that’s been laid out for you or open your eyes to something new?

What Is The Matrix?

Most people are stuck in the Matrix and don’t even know it. (aka living life in default mode, never questioning anything)

They exist in a world that they think is real. But it’s just an illusion–and it’s something someone else has created for them.

They actually have so much more power than they think.

Reality is our creation. We live in the results of what we decide to believe in.

We have the power to awaken and change any time we want to.

I know that sounds crazy when you think of all the things that are supposedly wrong with your life. Why would you actively create any of that for yourself?

The answer is because you’ve been trained to forget your own power. You’ve been trained to forget just how powerful you are.

You don’t have to accept your life at face value. You have the power to change everything.

Living in the Matrix simply means that you’ve forgotten who you really are. You’ve forgotten that you have autonomy in this life. You’ve forgotten how to truly LOVE and respect yourself.

If you feel like you’re trapped inside a life you didn’t create, there’s hope!

Because the funny thing about the Matrix is that it only exists if you agree to it.

It cannot happen without your consent! Because if you didn’t agree to it, you would be receiving something else.

Start by accepting where you are and how you made it all happen. Get down into it. Understand deeply that not only have you allowed it, you created it.

And perhaps the day has come to create something new.

There are four key ways to gain back control and hack the matrix of your life:

How To Break Out Of The Matrix

Break Out Of The Matrix Step #1:

Don’t Make Decisions From The Past

We all carry around stories about who we are and what that story means. We’ve come to think of our life in a certain way (usually from a victim perspective) and we use that perspective as an excuse for the way we live going forward.

The big problem with living this way is that it keeps us permanently attached to a place where we really don’t want to be anymore. As long as you keep making decisions from that past experience, you are still experiencing it.

To make a change and start fresh, you must change your perspective! You must drop the stories and excuses and assumptions about yourself, the world, your “luck”. Everything. Think about who you want to be and where you want to go and make your decision from there.

If you want to be strong and empowered, you can be, starting right here and right now. All it takes is a major shift in your attitude.

Break Out Of The Matrix Step #2:

Call In Your Power

Are you giving your power away? You might be the strongest sassiest girl you know but there’s still a chance that you’re living your life according to what other people have told you.

This isn’t exactly your fault either! The human brain is a sponge for cues about what to think and say and how to act. The only problem is that we pick all that stuff up from the other very fallible humans that we interact with.

The more we listen to the scripts we’ve learned from other people (our mother who insists we’re overweight, the friend who is a little too concerned that we are single, the boyfriend who didn’t like your clothing or the third-grade teacher who embarrassed you in front of your whole class). One of the most important realizations to make in life is that very often people’s criticisms of you are simply a reflection of them.

Every relationship is a mirror. That means the things that bother you the most in other people are things that are true about you, somewhere deep down inside. But it’s the same for everyone! The people that tell you not to show off, not to brag, not to stand out too much, not to ask for what you really want in life are NOT on your team.

You don’t have to listen to a single one of those unhelpful opinions. Just because someone has told you something about you doesn’t make it TRUE. The only thing that makes it true is you deciding to live your life according to their opinions. You don’t have to let their issues dictate YOUR life.

Whether it’s a compliment or a critique, in the end, the only opinion that truly matters is yours. And you are far too infinite and constantly changing to be contained by any label or box.

Break Out Of The Matrix Step #3:

Realize Life Is A Game

Repeat after me: life is not happening to you. It’s happening for you! The hardships and lessons and mistakes are your opportunity to grow and expand. We rarely get bigger when we’re happy and not being challenged by anything. We typically experience growth only when we come up against a so-called problem.

It might feel like the Universe has given you too much to handle or that your voice has gotten lost somewhere along the way. But that’s totally untrue. Every “problem” is just another chance to shine. You’re actions and perceptions are everything and they have the power to transform.

Break Out Of The Matrix Step #4:

Become Willing To Change

For many people, the biggest problem with personal development is that we want the world around us to change but we don’t actually want to change ourselves. We want to be right about what’s happened to us. We want everyone else to suddenly show up for us in new and unexpected ways. But if we’re unwilling to see things differently, experiencing a new reality is going to be a challenge.

A Course In Miracles teaches that a miracle is a simple shift in perception. And it’s true. The entire world can’t change in a second but your reaction to it can. If you can’t open your heart and mind to the new, then keep expecting to repeat the past.

It’s okay to admit defeat and to let past slights go. It’s more than okay to take responsibility for the things you said, the things you did, the values you used to have and the things you used to want. Becoming deeply okay with your mistakes and taking ownership of them is the only way to consciously create your own future.

It’s hard to get honest with yourself, but if you’re truly ready to change your life, you can. The power is right there inside you and it always has been.

I hope this post helps you break out of the Matrix you’ve been living and step consciously into a new life. It’s tough work but it’s oh so worth it!

Thank you so much for reading! If you liked this post, please do me a favor and share it. Have a beautiful week. xx

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Break Out Of The Matrix


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