3 Reasons Why Healing Your Trauma Can Help You Manifest

3 Reasons Why Trauma Healing Can Help Manifestation

Sounds a little crazy at first but it’s true: trauma healing can help manifestation.

Manifestation is truly about creating “space” in our minds for what we want ahead of time.

The biggest manifestation block that we all face is that our mind simply isn’t fully on board with what we’re trying to manifest. All too often there’s something that we picked up in childhood that’s secretly holding us back.

Personally, the deeper I went into my own spiritual journey, the more I began to see just how much “harmless” incidents from my childhood were still affecting me.

There are a few different ways this happens. But one thing I noticed for myself was how much Small-T Trauma was still affecting my own manifestations.

I know the word “trauma” can be triggering. And right now you might be thinking: “I had a great childhood so there’s no way this applies to me!”

But today I ask you to keep reading because you might just uncover something important that will help you heal–and in turn, help you manifest.

The first thing to understand is that trauma isn’t just the “big” stuff, like abuse and neglect.

Most people experience what I call Small T-Trauma: a more everyday type of trauma. I define trauma as any time your needs weren’t met as a child.

No matter how much your parents loved you, there’s probably something that happened to you that can be classified as trauma.

Everyone has a completely unique experience on this earth. So something that happened to you and to your brother or sister might have had a lasting effect on you and not on them. Not all “bad” experiences result in trauma. (In fact, if your parent was around to help you deal with the negative emotions you were experiencing, you probably got through it just fine!) But if you were ever left to feel alone or abandoned, there’s likely something that you need to work through.

As children, these events seem very “big” to us. But maybe your parent told you that you cry too much or that you shouldn’t be so sensitive. Those moments can still be playing out in your life, even if you’re not aware of them.

These events might be ordinary enough and you might have told yourself for years that they weren’t a big deal and that you’re over them. But even then, they can still have a profound effect on our lives.

Trauma healing isn’t about going in and torturing ourselves by bringing up past hurts. But it is about letting the hurts that haven’t healed come to the surface so that we can acknowledge and heal them (and in turn, release old behavior patterns that are holding us back).

This is the core of what I teach inside Recode Manifestation Academy. I believe it’s life-changing, especially when it comes to your manifestation practice. And today I want to share a bit more about how healing trauma can help you to manifest.

3 Reasons Why Trauma Healing Can Help Manifestation

Trauma Healing & Manifestation | Reason #1:

Trauma is “ordinary”. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

While the word trauma itself can be triggering, I still believe it’s important to claim trauma for more normal events. Yes, of course, trauma exists for the “big” things like assault, abuse, etc. By talking about Small-T Trauma, my aim is not to undermine those types of trauma at all.

My definition of trauma (as it relates to our childhood) is any experience in which we didn’t get our needs met. Not every experience like this will result in trauma, but oftentimes they do (especially when we’re left to grapple with those negative experiences all by ourselves).

For example, you might have wanted your dad to play with you when he got home after work. You were excited to see him and asked him to play with you. But he responded in a gruff manner: “I’m way too tired to play with you right now!”

As a child, this experience might have taught you that your needs and desires don’t matter. It might have taught you to not ask for outside help with the things that you want. It might have taught you that men in general are unreliable. All of those “lessons” are really just limiting beliefs.

Of course, when we look at that experience with age and time, we’re tempted to minimize it. “Oh I was just a kid!” “Of course my dad was tired after work. I should have known that!” But telling yourself these things later on does not make the initial trauma wound (and resulting negative limiting belief) go away.

We can’t logic our way out of those childhood hurts. Nor can we logic our body into not holding onto that pain. (If you still have a physical or emotional “ping” or reaction while remembering these events, you probably have some work to do.)

None of this is to say that our parents deliberately wronged us or hurt us. They are imperfect humans, doing the best they can at every step. Of course, they’re not mindreaders and there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. That means that mistakes like this are inevitable.

It’s also important to remember that as children we are particularly susceptible to learning things (even things we weren’t “supposed to” learn). We are basically in a hypnotic brain state up until the age of seven–which means those events are likely firmly wired into our brain, without us being consciously aware of it.

So yes, it right be everyday. It might be ordinary. But it can still be affecting you and that’s something that’s worth exploring.

Trauma Healing & Manifestation | Reason #2:

Trauma creates stubborn limiting beliefs

There are three main ways your subconscious mind learns:

1. Repetition
2. Emotional Charge
3. Hypnosis

Trauma can actually impact all three.

Think about this example: a parent never coming to your dance recitals.

That can obviously create a huge (negative) emotional charge.

Because it’s during your childhood, it’s already like you’re in a hypnotic state.

Plus, if this incident happened more than once, then it’s even more strongly wired into your mind.

The resulting limiting belief might be:

My accomplishments aren’t really that important.

So maybe now as an adult, you shun anything that resembles competition. Without even realizing it, this behavior might have impacted your job. Maybe you didn’t want to apply for a new job or promotion because it made you feel uncomfortable. You might be secretly avoiding learning new things or taking on new projects because you subconsciously believe it doesn’t really matter.

As a result, you’re moving through life feeling dissatisfied and frustrated, but you’re not really certain why. Of course, what’s really happening is that you simply don’t see the opportunities that are right in front of you because your subconscious mind is busy “protecting” you from them.

That’s just an example of how one childhood incident can have an impact on your life right now. The reality is that most of us have more than once childhood trauma to heal from.

Now just imagine how liberating life would be when you heal from that?

Trauma Healing & Manifestation | #3:

Trauma is an opportunity for healing and growth.

No matter what happened, trauma is never fair. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and you don’t deserve to walk around with the scars of that for the rest of your life.

And fortunately, you don’t have to! While we can’t go and rewind the past, we can do some deep work on healing and integrating our mind.

While it wasn’t your fault that it happened, it is your responsibility to heal and grow from this experience.

Again, we already know how the subconscious mind works. So we can use the exact same tools that created our manifestation blocks in the first place to start healing and reprogramming ourselves for what we really want.

Hypnosis is my favorite way of doing this. It allows us to get relaxed enough to let our guards down and really see what’s happening in our subconscious mind. While we’re in that relaxed state, we can do some exercises to acknowledge and heal whatever’s on our mind.

Doing hypnosis even just once can yield long-lasting results. However, doing hypnosis (or subliminal) multiple times will help wire in the “new” thoughts and beliefs even faster.

Of course, I give you all the tools to do that inside Recode Manifestation Academy.

(As a side note, if you did experience “big” trauma this work can still benefit you! However, I’d definitely suggest working through it with a therapist first and making sure you’re in a good mind space before you begin. Recode is definitely not meant as therapy for major trauma!)

Trauma isn’t one-size-fits-all. We can each be deeply affected by something that wouldn’t have mattered at all to your friends or siblings. You don’t need to be in the most pain out of everyone to have your pain validated.

When we logic and “should” ourselves away from believing our own feelings, we’re not actually healing. We’re hiding. And those wounds are still there and affecting us, without us even knowing it.

Running away from your feelings and experiences is never the answer! The only way to heal your trauma (and in turn, move past your most stubborn manifestation blocks) is to acknowledge and heal it. Only then are you truly ready to program yourself for what you do want.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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3 Reasons Why Healing Your Trauma Can Help You Manifest


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