How To Get What You Really Want - A Practical 4-Step System

How To Get What You Want In Life

Isn’t it funny where you get your inspiration from? This week mine came from a Twitter meme:

Obviously, this post went viral because it’s funny and cute.

But it’s also very true.

I know right? Ugh.

Think about it: when it comes down to it, we all know somewhere deep inside exactly what it is we’re supposed to be doing to make ourselves truly happy.

But instead we’re our own worst enemy.

Most of the time we’d rather not take any real action in life, especially anything to do with (*gasp!*) Growth or it’s good friend Change.

We’re actually a lot more comfortable sitting around complaining rather than doing. Getting in this lacklustre mindset requires zero effort and keeps us trapped in that never-ending state of meh. But staying there means we don’t really need to be accountable for ourselves (because we keep saying we want to change!) and we retain full license to just keep talking about all the stuff we want to do (while never actually doing it).

It’s just too easy to stay in The Moping Zone.

But, back in reality, every single one of our issues can be dealt with.

We all know how to solve our own problems (or at least where to begin).

In one way or another, it comes down to the fact that we have each chosen our current version of life – as joyful or problematic as that may be.

And yeah, maybe you’re really not ready to move out of your comfy meh zone. That’s cool! Come back and read the rest of this article when you’re up to the task!

But what if you are ready for change?

I know I’m tired of falling into the moping trap. And maybe you are too.

Coincidentally, after I found the above tweet, I also came across this behavior model for effecting life change.

(Oh right. The universe is always listening.)

I wish I could take credit for this method but it’s actually based on Brooke Castillo’s life coaching methods (Find her on iTunes right over here!).

For the record, she’s not “Woo Woo” in the slightest and all of her stuff is incredibly useful so she’s well-worth checking out.

The idea here is to stop sitting around and waiting for certain things to appear for you. Instead, it’s about looking at how we can regain control and create those things ourselves.

So if you’re looking to take inspired action in your life, keep on reading.

How To Get What You Really Want – A Practical 4-Step System

Step 1: Goal

When you set out on a journey, you always have a final destination in mind. (Otherwise, how do you know you’ve arrived?)

That’s why goal-setting is so important in every aspect of life!

Let me just say, I feel this is where most of us fall short. We all kinda know what we want from life but without getting specific it’s pretty difficult to get there! So whether you’re spell-casting, manifesting or just straight up working on your shit, it’s important to get clarity about your end goal first.

So what is it that you want from life right now? Where do you want to be in three months time? Where do you want to go next? Your goals can be personal, professional, or any and all of the above. The important thing is to have one.

Step 2: Action

Every goal will require some sort of action on your part! Maybe if you’re looking for a relationship you need to start dating more frequently. Maybe you’re looking to lose weight and you know you need to set up a regular exercise routine. Again, you probably know exactly what’s required already!

For now, it’s time to focus in on what you need to do to take you to your goal – no more and no less. If you’re like me we all try to jam too much onto our plates (oooh shiny!) instead of focusing in on that one important thing. So maybe trying to exercise more and change your diet drastically is too much all at once. Choose your main battle.

Step 3: Feeling

Now imagine that you’re in the process of taking action to make your dream come true. What does that feel like for you? Empowered? Energized? Healthy?

There’s always a feeling that will align with your action – possibly even more than one! Once you’ve defined what those feelings are, think about them more carefully. Try to notice them in your life. Ask yourself how often do you feel that way now? And what could you do to feel that way more often?

Step 4: Thought

External events mean nothing until we assign meaning to them! And we’ve learned how to assign meaning over our entire life. We learn to feel rejected after a break up or after we get let go from our job. We learn to feel slighted if someone doesn’t call or if someone doesn’t match up to our expectations in one way or another. But all of that is open for interpretation. Every event can be spun positively or negatively. If we can choose to let information harm us, we can just as easily chose not to.

So which way are you going?

Take another look at your desired feeling and ask yourself what would you have to think in order to create that feeling. How would you have to think about yourself or about your current situation? What needs to change? How can you change your thinking right now so that it aligns with your overall goal?

The power to change begins in our own mind.

Thoughts become reality. And changing our thoughts is one way of making huge and profound shifts in our lives.

Good luck with your goal-setting! Please remember to share if you found this post useful. See you next week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Get What You Really Want - A Practical 4-Step System


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