Fake It Till You Make It! How Acting As If Can Manifest Your Desires

Video: Fake It Till You Make It! Acting As If To Manifest




Fake it you till you make it. How many times have you heard that piece of advice? Or maybe even heard this piece of advice applied to manifestation?

Maybe you’re not really sure how that works. Today I’m going to give you a primer on how faking it till you make it works. It’s how you can start to embody the things that you want now and in turn make them manifest in your reality faster. If you want to find out how to do that, then be sure to keep watching.

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The Act As If / Fake It Mindset

Today, I wanted to do a video all about the art of faking it till you make it or acting as if the thing that you want is already here. You might have heard this advice before when it comes to manifestation. Because we’re trying to do is to get on the same energy level as the thing that we want. One of the best tools that we have to do that is to use the power of our own imagination. However, this is a little bit more tricky than it sounds. Plus, we adults really don’t have practice doing this very often.

You might have tried this before and felt like it was silly or pointless or maybe like you were lying to yourself or lying to other people. I thought I would do a video today just to go through what you really need to think about when it comes to faking it until you make it or acting as if the thing that you want is already real. This is a truly powerful technique. And it doesn’t have to make you feel weird. There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind as you go.

At first, when you hear the concept of “fake it till you make it,” that might sound simple enough. But then when you go out there into the world and you try to actually fake it, it might bring up something called cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is this process that happens in your brain when you are saying something but you know it’s not real. This is what happens when we lie to ourselves or when we tell ourselves we believe something that we don’t really believe in. We’re creating this internal conflict. It’s this internal friction in between what we are wanting to be true and what is actually true.

When it comes to faking it till you make it, of course, that is a big trigger for cognitive dissonance, and that cognitive dissonance might cause you to stop the process because it might make you feel very uncomfortable with yourself before putting yourself out into the world in a certain way.

Drop The Awkwardness

However, I’m gonna give you some tips today that are going to help you get over the awkwardness. They will help you to really connect with this big vision version of you–which is actually just your future self. It’s a future potential self that we are connecting with.

That’s the first thing I should start with. Let’s just remind everybody that we live in a quantum field. That means that all possibilities are actually real and possible. So you manifesting something isn’t really a matter of you creating it in your world. It’s a matter of you shifting over to the reality where it is already true.

That sounds a little weird, a little out there, but I just want you to remember that before we go ahead—that you don’t have to work on creating anything. The things that you want are already created. All you need to do is to work on this stuff up here, and that’s how you make it happen in your world.

Connect With Your Future Self

Faking it till you make is a very real way of connecting with this other version of you. (aka this version of you that already has something that you want.) There are a million future you’s out there with a million different possibilities. What you are doing right now is just focusing in on the one that you want. Thinking about who that is, trying to embody who that is, that is how you create the connection.

In fact, you can get a lot of inspiration by talking to that version of you, by sitting down and connecting to that future version of yourself and getting some wisdom from them because, again, this has already happened—all possibilities are all happening all at the same time in the quantum universe. You can connect to this energy even though it hasn’t happened yet in this timeline. I wasn’t planning to get into quantum stuff today, but there you go—that’s a little quantum explanation of what’s happening here.

With that being said, let’s dive into what I actually wanted to talk about today, and that is sort of a four-step process for you to fake it until you make it or act as if the thing you want actually becomes true.


Fake It Till You Make It Tip #1: Decide

The thing that you need to do in order to make this happen is to decide on it. I say this in all the manifestation videos yet people still need to hear this message.

I know sometimes I even still need to hear this message because deciding is such a powerful factor. Let me put it this way: if you think that there’s a possibility that something might not happen for you, then you get worried about it. You get stressed about it, and then you think, “Oh my goodness, how am I going to make this happen? When is this going to come to me?” etc., etc.

Worry Is A Sign To Change

That is when the worry starts to come out. When you decide on it and when you know with all of your being that this thing is already on its way to you, that automatically takes you away from the worry and the chaos mind thinking. Right?

When you know it’s just a matter of when and not a matter of if, it’s totally cool. That takes the pressure off. If you knew that there was a million dollars coming to your mailbox with absolute certainty, you would be excited about thinking about your mail. You would not be freaking out about whether or not that was going to come. You would just be in this happy glow moment of, “It is on its way.”

Anticipation = Energy

It’s like the happy glow moment before Christmas. The build-up before Christmas is sometimes more exciting than actual Christmas Day itself. Because we’re fantasizing. We’re thinking about this thing, and we’re connecting to this energy of what we want this day to be. Then when the day comes, maybe it doesn’t go quite as well as we wanted it to, and that’s okay.

But living in that future projection, that in itself is an exciting place to be. When you’re in the energy of having decided on something, that is where you can be with your manifestation.

That is my first step I’m going to give to you today is to really truly decide on it. Commit to it, and know that it’s coming to you. That already is going to take away so much of the worry and the drama that we create around things. And that will make your manifestations come to you so much faster.

Fake It Till You Make It Tip #2: Excitement Energy

The second tip today for faking it till you make it is creating excitement yet staying unattached. Okay, this is a two-parter. Very important that you get both parts. Again, I was just speaking about the example: if you knew something was coming to you, how would you feel? Is that anticipation and that excitement and that knowing? That is a really beautiful place to be for manifestation.

In fact, that’s the magic place for you to be. However, most of us, when it comes to manifesting, we get stuck in the chaos or stress mind. We get stuck in the wondering-what-if mind. We start to worry that maybe it’s not coming. Or maybe I didn’t do it right. Or maybe this isn’t really meant for me or maybe, etc. We also get really attached to getting it right. We think that if this doesn’t work out right now, I’m going to feel terrible about myself.

Excitement But Detachment

If I don’t get the car I want this month, then I’m a failure at life. If I don’t get the relationship I want this year, then that means no one’s going to love me. We create all these weird stories around the thing that we want. But those stories are, in fact, blocks to us actually getting the thing. Have the excitement but don’t have the story, the chaos, or the drama. Don’t make things mean something about you. That is where you want to be.

That means that you’re not making not having it mean something weird about you. You know that it’s coming to you. And when you get it, it’s going to be great. But that is also not going to mean something about you.

You’re More Than This Goal

That means you’re not creating all of your self-esteem and your self-worth based on this one thing. This is something that we all tend to do. We tend to create the story in our mind that if I get this boyfriend or get this much money in my bank account, then I can finally feel good about myself. Be honest though! If you’re doing that, you are already putting your energy up there in the wrong way. You are not acting as if. You are hinging everything on one thing happening. That is going to create such resistance to it actually happening.

Again, imagine what things would be like, but don’t stay attached to it. And I know that sounds like I’m telling you to do two opposite things, and in a way I am, but I just don’t want you to create this extra layer of this story. Excitement is good. Being positive and happy and anticipating something is good. Making that thing make it mean that we’re going to have this suddenly perfect life and never feeling anything bad ever again—that is not helpful because that is not true. That’s never going to be the way life works. So you need to keep things reasonable but positive, and that is the magic key.

Fake It Till You Make It Tip #3: Who Would You Be?

The third thing I want to tell you about faking it till you make it. It’s not so much that you need to go out and start cutting your hair or wearing different clothes. Although if you feel inspired to do that, definitely go ahead! But I want you to think about who you would be with the thing that you want, and I want you to work on feeling that way now.

Feeling is Everything

The feeling is the important thing. Maybe the clothes or the haircut or whatever makes you feel that way. Then they will become important manifestation tools for you. But what I really want you to concentrate on is the feeling.

Feel the way you want to feel. Feel like the baddest entrepreneur. Or feel like the person in the loving relationship. Be like the person with a banging body. Feel the way you want to feel. When you can deeply connect with that feeling now, it does this magical trick! It takes the pressure off of you actually receiving it.

Fake It Till You Make It Tip #4: Drop Perfectionism

In the last point, I was talking about how we tend to make achieving something mean something crazy. We make having money in our bank account or getting a relationship mean that we’re going to be perfect and never have a worry again. Or that we will have this weird amazing no negativity existence. And that just doesn’t work because that’s an unreasonable picture of what life is like.

With this point, when we realize that we already have the feelings within us. That helps to take away this attachment. You already have the tools to let yourself have the feeling. You have all the skills inside of you already, like the badass entrepreneur, to feel like the person in the relationship, to feel like the person in the body.

What Do You Want To Feel?

The question should be, why are you letting yourself feel that right now? You can have those feelings, and then those feelings create the actions, and then those actions will come back and reinforce the thing, and then the thing will actually show up for you.

It really all starts with the feeling. But you can generate any feeling–any feeling that you want. You do not have to wait for permission from something. You do not have to wait to pass a certain magical finish line. You can feel the way you want to right now. I am, in fact, daring you to feel the way you want to right now.

Decide On How To Feel

Why wouldn’t you opt into those feelings? Why would you continue to show up for yourself in your life feeling less than how you really want to feel? The things that we want to manifest are actually always totally optional. They’re always totally optional. We only want things because of the way we think they’re going to make us feel. But we can create those feelings without the thing.

Let’s just skip ahead and start feeling the way we want to. Actually that is how the magic happens. That takes the pressure off and that creates an incredible energetic magnetism. That in turn brings you the thing you want. When you’re not dependent or attached on the outcome, the outcome is free to come your way. Think about that and get into the feeling.


Fake It Till You Make It Tip #5: Future Gratitude


The final thing I want to give you today for how to fake it till you make it. Or how to act as if the thing you want is already here and it’s already real.

One of my favorite manifesting tools, and it is called future gratitude. Gratitude is an amazing thing. In fact, gratitude is a necessary ingredient for a happy and fulfilled life. Because you can go out there and manifest all the things and create the most badass life that you’ve ever wanted. But if you are not grateful for the things that you have, you are going to feel miserable.

Think About How You Will Feel

It is one thing to plan your life and to go out there and to create a certain existence. But you also have to remember to stop and smell the roses and pat yourself on the back. You have to give yourself love for having achieved what you’ve achieved already. The things that you’ve achieved in your life are important. Appreciating what you have is important, and again, I like to think of this as a quantum trick of the universe.

If everything is happening at exactly the same time, if all possibilities are already real, let’s just flip ourselves over again to the new quantum field that we want to be in. We want to think about us having the thing that we want. We want to think about us again with the amazing body, with the bank account, with the boyfriend, whatever it is. And we want to feel gratitude from that place.

Gratitude = Happiness

Gratitude is a very different energy than all the other energies I’ve talked about. We’ve talked about deciding, we’ve talked about being excited but unattached, we’ve talked about creating the feeling but not being attached, and now we are talking about future gratitude. Feeling grateful for the thing having shown up in your life even though it’s not here yet.

Think about how you can do that. Sit down, close your eyes, have a little meditation, envision yourself with the thing that you want and be so happy and grateful to have received it.

Can you do that? Most of us feel like that’s a weird thing to do, but this is actually one of the secret quantum manifesting tools I suggest everybody go out there and try. Future gratitude is available to you now. You can be grateful for anything, even the things that haven’t come to you, and in fact, that is such a revolutionary idea.

Why not feel grateful? Why not feel happy about your future, things that you’re achieving? Why wait to feel happy about it? You can feel happy now, and again, feeling is the key. So come back, feel happy, feel connected, feel excited, feel all the things, and you can watch your world change.

Fake It Till You Make It Final Notes

That’s it for today’s video. I really hope that you enjoyed this one. I really hope that this helps create an energetic shortcut from where you are now to the desired outcome you want to have. You have the power to create any kind of life you want for yourself. All you have to do is learn how to get out of your own way, and that is where the mindset stuff comes in, my friends, and that is why I’m here every week talking in your ear about all the things that you need to do to shift your reality.

I really hope that you go out there and use this, and if you do, please come back and let us know how it went for you. But thank you guys so much for watching this video today!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life



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Fake It Till You Make It! How Acting As If Can Manifest Your Desires

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