4 Reasons To Get Brave & Face Your Fears! Why Running Away Is Holding You Back
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How To Get Brave & Face Your Fears

Ready to face your fears?

Every single one of us, no matter how rich or successful or old, has something we’re afraid of.

And many times that fear doesn’t look like anything to the outside viewer, because we’re trying to cope simply by ignoring or avoiding it.

This is true for every single person who reads this: there’s some action you need to take or a conversation you need to have or a decision that’s lingering on and on. And the real reason it’s not happened is because of your fear.

But that creates a vicious cycle. So in reality, our fears are a big reason why we often end up feeling stuck or in a rut.

Logically, we might all know that you can’t ignore a problem away. But that seldom stops us from trying. Our brains do an excellent job of convincing us that we can!

Maybe tomorrow you’ll feel like.
Maybe tomorrow you’ll know what to do.
Maybe tomorrow it won’t seem so hard.

Of course, tomorrow never comes! And the longer we put things off, the bigger and scarier they begin to appear.

Whatever your fears might be about love, money or success, please know that they’re draining your energy and preventing you from moving forward in almost every area!

So it’s time to get real and acknowledge them instead of letting them secretly rule over your world.

I really just want you to understand this: your biggest fears are your biggest energy leaks! They are the blocks to your success and happiness.

If you’re feeling tired, drained or stuck, that’s just an invitation to dig in and do the work. Because if fear is the only thing in your way, then isn’t it time to start facing up to it?

Here’s a guide on how you can start to do that:

4 Reasons To Get Brave & Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears Reason #1:

When You Run Away From Something, You’re Giving Away Your Power

Running away from something actually sends the Universe a very strong message: this situation is stronger than me. So please remember that the Universe is always responding to what you’re putting out there! If it seems like you want something to be more powerful than you, what choice does it have but to make that a reality?

You are ultimately the one in control so it’s up to you to be deliberate about that power! You’re forever writing your own story so be careful about what kind of reality you are creating. Would you rather be powerful and face your fears? Or would you rather constantly running away from something? Every day you make this choice whether you realize it or not, so now’s a good time to start choosing what you really want!

Face Your Fears Reason #2:

Ignoring Something Means You’ll Miss The Chance To See The Solutions

It’s a fact: the problems we face are NEVER as bad as our imagination makes them out to be! Want proof? Just think of how many times you did something you used to think was hard and then at the end found yourself thinking “Hey this wasn’t that bad after all!”

We’ve all have this experience because reality is never as bad as what our brain can come up with! Remember, part of your brain’s job is to keep you safe and healthy. But it goes a step too far by thinking you have to avoid everything new and scary in order to do that! To make sure it does its job, it does an excellent job of pressing your buttons to keep you under control. After all, who knows you better than your own brain?

The solutions aren’t nearly as far away as you think! But as long as you keep ignoring the problem in question, those solutions will continue to reman out of reach. If your eyes are closed of course you’re going to miss the signals! But if you summon your bravery enough to move forward even just a little, you’ll open the door for those solutions to start to magically appear!

Face Your Fears Reason #3:

Ignoring Problems Is A Waste Of Energy

We all just love to think we’re so smart and that avoidance is a tactic that actually works! Not true. A funny thing actually happens when there’s something you’re trying to avoid: you end up spending a lot of time and energy playing the avoidance game! You’ve got to constantly rationalize your actions or constantly be talking yourself out of something (or into something), even when you know it’s not the most important thing to do.

It takes an awful lot of mental energy to continue to stick your head in the sand! But you probably don’t notice just how much because you’re so good at it. However, the bigger your problems get the harder it is to carry on the charade.

If you’re feeling depleted, this could be the secret culprit! And here’s the truth of it: if you’re spending all that energy anyway, wouldn’t you rather put it towards solving the problem at hand? That’s something to mull over the next time you’re tempted to take the “easy” way out!

Face Your Fears Reason #4:

You Can’t Fool The Universe

We love (just LOVE) to believe we can outwit what’s coming to us! We think that sticking our head in the sand can somehow ward away what’s lying in our path. But that’s just not the way things work.

Remember again that things are happening for you, not to you! The real truth of that means that there’s a lesson waiting for you in every problem. These aren’t things you can avoid. They’re meant to expand you into a bigger and better person than you are right now. The more you run away, the more it becomes clear that you need the lesson! It’s really you blocking the natural progression of things! The Universe isn’t going anywhere until you summon the courage to just go and do the damn thing.

Journal Prompts:

Where have I been avoiding taking actions?

What is the worst possible outcome from that situation?

Dream big. What’s the best possible outcome from that situation?

Is there anything I potentially missing out on by not taking action?

Fear is something we all have to deal with on one level or another. And here’s the good news: with practice it gets easier! So please take this to heart: whatever you’re afraid of or avoiding is never as scary as you’re making it out to be. The only way to move past it–and into a state of authenticity and magnetism–is to run directly towards your fears.

But please don’t worry my dear! You’ve got this.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear your fear experiences in the comments below.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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4 Reasons To Get Brave & Face Your Fears! Why Running Away Is Holding You Back

4 Reasons To Get Brave & Face Your Fears! Why Running Away Is Holding You Back


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