How To Receive Abundance

How To Receive Abundance

Wondering how to receive abundance?

Your sense of worth is everything when it comes to manifesting. Your life is 100% created from your own standards.

And for most of us, that shows just how many money blocks we really have.

Your sense of worthiness isn’t about achieving more or pushing yourself farther. It’s about a sense of inner acceptance.

The truth is that society has literally trained you to feel unworthy. Just turn on the TV and watch a few commercials to see this in action. You are clearly not worthy now but you might be if only you buy this mascara, laundry detergent or car.

We’ve been conditioned to think worthiness is always just around the corner. But like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it will always remain just out of reach unless you decide to step up and claim your worthiness back for yourself.

Abundance Is Everywhere

Truth is, abundance comes to us in many forms. It’s just that most of us are blind to it or blocking it.

If you want to manifest money, you have to raise your money self-worth and stop subconsciously blocking those abundance channels.

That’s why healing your worthiness issues is the most important step towards creating a new wealth consciousness. In manifestation, if you keep expecting money to somehow elude you it will. So it’s time for you to admit that you have some money worthiness issues in order to heal them.

The good news is that you can also raise those standards yourself. You don’t have to settle for what your parents told you was good enough. Or chase what your ex-boyfriend thought you deserved. You’re a free agent in this life and only what you think matters.

Shedding those old opinions and stories is the only way to come back to your truth: that you are a deeply worthy and deserving being.

Even though…
You’re not perfect.
There’s work left to be done.
Your life’s to-do list has yet to be finished.

If you’re ready to shift from scarcity into abundance mentality, then it’s time to make sure your worthiness-levels match with what you want in life. Here are four different ways to do exactly that.

How To Receive Abundance | 4 Tips To Raise Your Money Worth

How To Receive Abundance Step #1:

Drop The Judgment

Judgment is one of the biggest blocks on the road to abundance. When we place the people we see in the world on a scale, we’re automatically getting on that scale along with them. Judging someone for having less only works when you’re looking in one direction. When you look the other way, suddenly it doesn’t feel so great anymore.

Despite what it feels like deciding on who does or doesn’t deserve their money is not our job. You can’t ever judge someone else without also judging yourself on some level. So let’s drop the judgment habit.

When you stop thinking in black and white terms you leave room for everyone to become equal. And when people are equal there’s no more resentment over who earns more or less money than you.

How To Receive Abundance Step #2:

Step Into Receiving

All the intentions in the world cannot make up for a low sense of worth. It’s one thing to desire something but it’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax to actually allow that something into our life.

Think about how to accept things like compliments or help into your life.

Many of us are experts at deflecting outside help. Somehow triggers us. Maybe we don’t feel worthy of it. Or it doesn’t look quite the way we expect it to. Saying no to these gifts from the Universe is common when you’re feeling unworthy.

Instead, it’s time to say yes to whatever help you’re receiving–whether that’s from a mysterious source or from your boyfriend. Keep saying yes and keep allowing help to arrive and you’ll only attract more and more of the same.

How To Receive Abundance Step #3:

Drop The Old Paradigms

You’ve been told over and over again that people with money are worth more than you. But of course that’s not actually true.

Buying into this belief is an easy way to keep wealth at arm’s length. Not only do you believe that something must be wrong with you for not having it. But you also start to put abundance and money on a pedestal. The higher you make that pedestal in your mind, the more difficult it will be for you to earn the money you so desire.

It’s time for you to throw that old “Money is above me” paradigm out the window. Stop using wealth as an indicator of success. Instead, look at how many people you’re helping or how you’re changing the world through what you do. Money isn’t the true goal here after all. But perhaps impact, expansion or freedom is. It’s time to get clear about what money truly represents to you.

How To Receive Abundance Step #4:

Restructure Your Other Beliefs

Deny them all you want. But we’ve all got limiting beliefs that relate to our money consciousness.

Please understand: not every belief that you hold is doing you a favor! Some of those beliefs are harmful–and they likely weren’t even truly yours to begin with. You learned them through the world you lived in as a child. Even though they defy logical sense and your current conscious belief structure, they’re still there. And they’re making you behave in ways that aren’t at all in alignment with your intentions.

Every belief you have is really just a sentence! So it’s time to be conscious about which sentences you’re choosing. Do you want money to be difficult to earn? Maybe you want rich people to be greedy? Or maybe you really think money is the root of all evil?

Once you draw attention to the pre-existing ideas you have about money it becomes much easier to swap them out for something that you actually want to believe.

Your mindset is everything in life. Attracting more money is no exception!

If your money manifestation game isn’t quite where you want it to be, you likely have some low money self-worth issues lurking beneath the surface.

However, learning to love on yourself is 100% free–so it’s well worth diving into the work I’ve outlined here.

Good luck with it! Thanks for reading & as always, I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Receive Abundance


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