How To Use The Law of Attraction In 6 Easy Steps

Easy LoA : Use The Law of Attraction In 6 Steps

Is there such thing as easy LoA (Law of Attraction)?

Let’s face it: many times the manifesting world can overcomplicate the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that easy LoA is actually the whole point!

It’s never about mindlessly following the “rules”! The most important thing a step-by-step Law of Attraction system does is create the right mindset.

The more you work with this system, the more you see how important you are to the equation!

Working with the Law of Attraction isn’t about sitting back, making a wish and waiting.

It takes courage, self-reflection and work.

You can get anything you want in life.

You can do it through the normal struggle, hustle and hard work.

Or you can harness the power of the Universe to help you along the way.

And that power is there anyway, so why not use it? What have you got to lose?

So on that note, let’s get you started with an easy six-step system to manifest anything you want in life:

How To Use The Law of Attraction – Easy LoA!

Easy LoA Step #1:

Know Your Why

You can ask for anything in the world you want. But it’s extremely important to get clear about why you’re asking for it.

One concept that I’m extremely passionate about in regards to manifesting is liberated desire: desire that fully stems from you, not from elsewhere. Because the truer your desire is to you, the more powerful your intention will be.

Sometimes our motivation in life is not really our own. We’ve picked up cues from our friends and family. We learned to value certain things over others. And sometimes we become motivated by things with a low-vibration: competition, revenge, one-upmanship.

But we’re simply not meant to live according to other people’s expectations or dreams. We’re not meant to live our lives in reaction mode! That’s why getting real with yourself and discovering your true desires is one of the most important pieces of the manifesting puzzle.

Easy LoA Step #2:

Set Your Intention

Setting an intention simply involves deciding on one thing that you want and fully committing yourself to it.

Sound like easy LoA, right? Funnily enough, this brings up one problem for many manifestors! While they say they want to change their life, the things that they actually try to manifest are vague and fuzzy: happier, rich, etc.

It’s difficult for anyone (the Universe included!) to fulfill such wishy-washy requests! How would you even know if they were fulfilled?

While these manifestors want to feel better in life, they haven’t yet done the work of figuring out what the next step is. Perhaps this is due to a fear of failure or perhaps it’s just because they’re not entirely sure what the next step should be.

But manifesting isn’t a zero sum game! If you really want to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, you’ve got to get bold and choose something specific to chase. Your intention is just a starting point! Every experience is an opportunity to learn. You’ll still get the chance to ask for more things, to course correct and to continue down your life’s path.

Easy LoA Step #3:


Now that you’ve picked something to concentrate on, it’s time to give your intention a little extra oomph.

Remember, it’s got to exist in your mind before it can exist in reality. The eye of your mind is pure creation energy. If doesn’t exist in your mind, it cannot exist!

So it’s crucial to spend some time getting clear about what your intention looks like and feels like. How do you feel? How would it feel arriving? And how would it feel for your wish to be just a regular part of your everyday reality?

The real power of visualization is not just about imagining things into reality. It also has a large effect on your energy. The Law of Attraction is simply about harnessing your energy and moving towards a target of your choosing. Visualization is an almost-foolproof way of getting on the same vibration as the thing you want.

Like attracts like! So if you want to succeed, it’s well worth spending some of your time getting into a like-minded vibration.

Easy LoA Step #4:


Manifesting almost always requires a fundamental test of your faith. Belief is not always easy! And here we’re required to have a strong belief in both ourselves and the powers of the Universe.

Can you believe that you’ll receive your intention, even when there’s evidence to the contrary? Can you keep your dream alive even when it looks like things aren’t going to actually work out for you?

Just remember this: your expectations are what creates your reality. So what are you really expecting to happen>

Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes we have bad days or weeks and our resolve begins to weaken. And it’s okay! If your faith in your intention begins to waver, just go back and spend some time in your visualization again.

The more you practice the feeling of having, the easier it will be to switch into and stay in that energy!

Easy LoA Step #5:

Let Go

After you’ve set the intention and done the work of aligning your energy with your goals, the next step is to do something that might seem counterproductive.

Let it go.

Letting go signals a profound shift out of the asking phase and into a state of allowing. You’ve just put your order in with the restaurant of the Universe. Now you just have to sit back and wait for what your meal to show up.

Letting go is the ultimate sign of faith. It means you know that your request is being sent to you. It means that you trust that everything is happening the way it should.

It’s time to let the Universe come meet you half way!

However, letting go isn’t entirely passive! You can’t just sit around and waiting for something to arrive on your doorstep. You have to keep your mind open to receiving guidance and your eyes open for signs that things are shifting for you. If you feel inspired to take action, then follow your intuition! Just leave some space for the magic to happen and never try to micromanage the Universe.

Easy LoA Step #6:


Receiving is the fun part right? Mmmmm, sometimes not so much! Surprisingly, many of us don’t know how to receive.

It might sound crazy at first: “But of course I want to allow the Universe to help me!”

But take a moment to really think about what your attitude is to other types of receiving. Can you accept gifts? Compliments? Help with your work? Help around the house? Many of us have massive energetic blocks about allowing in the very things we crave!

That’s why I recommend every manifesting student take the time to assess their ability to receive. You can do all the intention-setting and limiting-belief-banishing you like, but if you can’t shift into a receptive mindset, all that work will be for nothing!

So start keeping your eyes open for opportunities for allowing. Keep your heart open and say yes when the Universe starts pushing things in your direction. Allow things to start happening for you and don’t block the happy universal energy that’s coming your way!

The most important manifesting lesson for easy LoA? Have fun with it! Don’t let yourself get overloaded by trying to follow the rules too closely. Your energy is always the most important element of the equation. So let yourself have fun and watch the Universe start flowing right to you.

I hope this post helps you manifest something wonderful into your life! If you found it useful, please remember to say thank you and share it on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

Much love and thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Use The Law of Attraction In 6 Easy Steps


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