Decide Who You WANT To Be Then Become It
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Decide Who You WANT To Be Then Become It

Are you trying to create your future based on your past?

If you’ve never thought about this before, then the answer is a definite yes.

Your personality & identity seem like facts.

But they aren’t. They are traits that we have picked up and chosen, either by us or by the people around us.

A Personal Example

For example, for years, I would describe myself as shy. I was always quiet, reserved, and reluctant to talk to new people.

That’s who I thought I was as a kid. And I carried that label with me for a very long time.

For me, moving to Berlin forced me out of my shell. I had to go out there and make friends. I just started talking to everyone who happened to be around me.

And guess what? Turns out I wasn’t so shy after all.

However, I would say the reserved label still applies: I don’t overly trust people at first nor do I open up about the more difficult parts of my life until I really know someone.

But those are good solid boundaries that I’m proud of upholding. Not a personality trait that I was labeled/given while I was small that I held onto for a lot longer than I needed to.

However, I didn’t start off seeking to go out and change myself in this way. It just happened.

But after noticing and knowing that it happened, I felt so liberated.

Because that was just one small limiting label.

What other labels can I get rid of?

And more importantly, what other labels do I want to consciously choose for myself instead?

What Labels Are Holding You Back?

Most of our subconscious mind is formed from the time we were born up until the age of seven. But that’s where a whole lot of your identity beliefs come from.

The reason this happens is that up until about age seven we are basically just our subconscious mind, wandering around out there in the world. We were basically in a hypnosis state all of the time–and that means we’re extremely sensitive to suggestions, repetition, and experiences.

It also means that you just swallowed a lot of ideas about yourself (and the world at large) whole. You didn’t get to consider whether those ideas were true or useful.

And guess what? Most of them aren’t!

Just because you acted shy, clumsy, forgetful, silly, loud, pushy, or whatever else it was, doesn’t mean that it needs to define you.

That moment (or era) in time has long since gone by.

And every other person on the planet has experienced something similar.

Why hold onto labels if they’re not serving a purpose–and especially if they don’t reflect who you really want to be?

An Exercise In Clarity

To get more clarity about this, simply start asking yourself:

Who are you now?

And who do you want to be?

Then you decide to become it.

Fact: one of the biggest blocks you have that’s preventing you from stepping up and into the life of your dreams are all those beliefs about who you are.

I mean, why try to build an online business at all when you view yourself as shy and awkward?

Why try to go for the job of your dreams when you think you just aren’t smart or savvy enough?

Why ask out your crush when you think you’re too boring or uninteresting or unattractive?

The ideas you have about who you are are important to your overall success. Yet you don’t even notice them anymore. To you, they’re like wallpaper in a room you’ve been sitting in for ages. They’re so much part of the landscape, that you don’t even remember that life could be another way.

Be Courageous Enough To Change

But here’s the magic:

If you don’t like what those ideas are, you get to change them.

And you get to change them…

Despite what’s happened to you in the past.

Despite how long you’ve had them.

Despite the current lack of evidence you have about who you want to be instead.

That last point in particular is crucial. Because (like everything else in manifesting) if you wait for the outside world to “prove” something to you, you’ll be waiting forever.

Decide On Who You Want To Be | Manifestation Quote

You decide who you want to be first. Then you start creating your own evidence. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. Step by step.

This is your power in motion.

This is how you weave magic in your life.

This is how you quantum leap from living the same year over and over again to wildly launching yourself into the future you created in your mind.

Please take this post today and run with it. Don’t accept your ideas about yourself at face value. The most important steps you can take today is simply commit to making a change and decide who you want to be.

Need a little help with this? Heal’d, my virtual healing studio, is the perfect place to begin your aligned transformation!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Decide Who You WANT To Be Then Become It


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