Cut the Cord: A Cord-Cutting Ritual For Letting Go

Cut the Cord: A Cord-Cutting Ritual For Letting Go

Cord cutting needs to become part of your spiritual routine–and here’s why:

Manifestation is great of course. But it also needs to be balanced out with letting go.

Sometimes we have extra energy attached to us–mostly from people, but sometimes places or things–and that energy can weigh us down and mess up our magnetism.

Today, I want to share one of my favorite spiritual practices: The Cord-Cutting Ritual.

Sound scary? I assure you it’s not! Cord cutting is actually a healthy practice that will help keep you happier and healthier. Here’s how to get started:


What Is Cord Cutting?


Cord cutting is simply the process of cutting off our energetic connections to other people.

Every personal connection we make creates an energetic cord, attaching us to them. Those cords can keep us feeling close to someone. But they can also become a burden.


When Should I Use Cord Cutting?


Cord-cutting is an absolute must after breakups! Sex involves a potent energy exchange which means you are likely still feeding energy to that other person, even after the relationship has ended.

But cord-cutting is also useful for anything you’re ready to let go of: letting go of old friendships or maybe even a work environment that’s gotten under your skin.

A relationship attachment of any kind forms an energetic connection. It’s not that people are trying to weigh you down. It’s just something that happens naturally! But those cords can keep you stuck in old thoughts and patterns, even when you don’t want to be. So ask yourself what relationships you are needing to let go of.

It might sound a little aggressive but it really isn’t about forcing people out of your life. Instead, think of cord-cutting as a way to get back your own sovereign power, without anyone accidentally leaching it.

Cutting Cords With People You Love

Even if you love someone a tremendous amount, you could still benefit from doing some cord-cutting.

Doing this practice is not cutting this person out of your life! It’s simply removing attachments so that both of you are better able to manage your own mind and energy.

This is a great practice after changing roommates or spending some time with someone who is overly needy. You can also do it for your romantic partner–even if things are going well–just to ensure both of you are still well-balanced.

However, if you’re trying to draw someone closer to you, give this one a miss!


The Benefits of Cord Cutting


  • More mental clarity (and less time feeling confused or overwhelmed)
  • Less thinking about old relationships
  • More energy
  • Heal your relationships
  • Even improve your physical health (from reducing stress)


An Easy Cord Cutting Ritual


Prepare your space. Light some candles. Do some energy cleansing with sage (or regular incense). Take a moment to stand still and ground your energy into the ground.

When you feel ready to begin, say the name of the person and “I set you free”. Wave your hands in front of you in a cutting motion to symbolize the energy being cut away.

Repeat the same three more times, each time facing in a different direction.

Once you have finished, take a moment to put your hands over your heart. Be grateful for this person and your relationship and be grateful to yourself for doing this work.

Notice how your energy or mindset shifts and changes (for the better) over the next few days.



Try out the cord-cutting ritual and enjoy your new freedom! And if you’d love it, please come back and let me know!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life



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Cut the Cord: A Cord-Cutting Ritual For Letting Go


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