Choose Your Words To Change Your Life

Choose Your Words To Change Your Life

Choose your words to change your life.

Does that sound crazy to you?

Because it shouldn’t.

If you’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for any length of time, you’re likely already aware of just how important your vibration is to the overall process.

That’s because the level you vibrate at determines what you attract into your life.

And, for the most part, your emotions are what determines your vibration.

You can say all the affirmations you like but if your heart doesn’t eventually line up with what you’re saying, they simply won’t work.

However, changing your frequency involves much more than simply reciting affirmations.

It’s actually about what’s going on behind the scenes.

(Note: I love affirmations and use them regularly just to be clear!)

Your overall language plays an important role in the way your emotions are created.

Think about it.

Spoken words are literal vibrations that we create with our bodies.

But even if we don’t speak them aloud, our words always carry a unique energy signature.

We think the words we use are mere descriptions but the stronger the word we use, the more power it holds.

That’s why the words we use to describe the world around us have a HUGE impact on our internal reactions.

The words we choose literally shape our feelings.

And that’s the real trick: a simple language swap has the power to control our emotional state.

For example, replacing a high-level high-intensity word with something less intense is the difference between overreacting and just becoming slightly upset.

Words contain emotion! So if we choose the right words, we can start to program our own feelings!

It’s a simple yet powerful concept!

But the bottom line is that if you want to start feeling differently, it’s time to start using new words to describe your world.

This all might sound strange at first. I mean, words are just words right? And why would you unnecessarily create any extra stress, sadness or anger for yourself?

It all makes a lot more sense when you realize just how much of the language we use regularly is not even our own!

The common catch phrases that we all tend to use mindlessly are positively brimming with violent imagery.

And those violent associations also trigger the pain centers in our brain.

Nowhere is this more evident than when we talk about love.

Broken hearted. Crushed. Ripped apart.

What if instead of “broken hearted” you said “disappointed”, “misunderstood” or “lonely”?

Words CREATE an extra emotional impact.

If you keep telling yourself that you’re broken, guess what? You’re going to start feeling broken!

And chances are, that in one way or another, you ARE using those words without even thinking about it!

So if you want to lessen the pain or the anger or the hurt, why not reframe things with a phrase that’s not so intense?

You’re still upset, hurt, sad.

But you don’t have to feel BROKEN, dead, crushed.

Those words take your inherent sadness and AMPLIFY it to the nth degree.

When your emotions are running wild and you feel out of control with a situation in your life, there’s often not much you can do but change your reaction to it.

And if you’ve ever tried to make yourself “just cheer up” or “look on the bright side” in the middle of a depressive episode you’ll know how difficult that can be.

Don’t try changing the huge EMOTION that you’re grappling with.

Start by changing the LANGUAGE.

Choose your words to change your life!

Don’t use high-impact high-emotion words to describe your situation!

Stop relying on tired old catchphrases to convey what you’re going through.

You can talk about the heaviness in your gut, the ache in your heart, the tiredness you feel, any of the very real physical or emotional experiences you’re having.

But you don’t have to OVER describe.

That will just adding fuel to the fire. It will keep you feeling shitty and low for a lot longer than is necessary.

Because if you keep saying to yourself “My life is over” your body is going to start reacting like it actually IS over.

Words are INCREDIBLY magical tools for our growth.

They have power to lessen or multiply the world we observe.

And the coolest thing to know is that they are ALWAYS your choice.

Don’t bother getting upset about all the things you cannot change in your life.

Pick the ONE thing you CAN change to focus on.

Start slowly. Notice when it happens. Keep backtracking and reframing those old overly dramatic descriptive phrases.

Limit yourself to be factual.

Take the harsh sting out of the facts and lower the emotional impact.

The situation might not be fun or pretty. But describing it with HUGELY emotional words is tipping you into crisis territory.

Ask Yourself:

What if you broke up and….everything was fine?

What if you were upset but not broken?

What if you were bruised but not battered?

You don’t have to go to the bottom of the emotional pool.

Choose to keep your head above water.

Acknowledge what’s going on without scaring your body into panic mode.

Begin to assess the “damage” without hitting an emotional rock bottom.

You can experience life without the incredible lows. You can lessen the impact AND feel much more in control of your own life.

All of that is possible with just a simple change in vocabulary!

Of course, actually training yourself to be more factual in your language is a long process.

It takes time to break those old habits and retrain your brain to be on your team!

Remember that our brains are inherently lazy creatures. They actually LIKE to save time by thinking the same thoughts over and over again. Which means thinking new thoughts takes conscious effort and attention.

Try to be easy on yourself as you retrain yourself to think differently. It might take some time and effort but the results will be soooo worth it.

Never forget that the vocabulary you choose in your mind and in your speech is crucial to the way your life plays out! Think of this as your biggest opportunity to PROGRAM your life for success. Start swapping out the old heavy negative words for something brighter and happier to watch your world transform.

I hope this post inspires you to think about the language you use differently. I’d love to hear how it goes so comment below — or if you loved the post, please remember to share!

Wishing you tons of love and manifesting success this week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Choose Your Words To Change Your Life


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