5 Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

5 Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

Looking for some reasons to be happy?

We’re still in the middle of/coming out of one of the most traumatic events in history. These last few years of Corona Times have created more mental chaos, loneliness, and stress than anything most of us have ever experienced. (And that’s just addressing the mental health issues!)

Just to be clear, neither gratitude or thinking positive are necessary ingredients for successful manifestation.And that’s exactly why I teach subconscious healing and reprogramming inside my virtual healing studio, Heal’d!)

However, gratitude is an important part of your overall happiness. After all, if you never develop the ability to look around and be happy with this beautiful imperfect moment, then you will never be happy. The future won’t be any more perfect than the present. Waiting for perfection (or permission or passing certain goals etc.) is just creating more dissatisfaction in your life.

This is why I like to think of gratitude as a muscle. When you don’t work on it, it gets weak. But the more you practice feeling happy, the easier happiness will come (and the happier your life will be overall).

While it’s important to truly feel your negative emotions and understand what they’re telling you, you can definitely spend too much time feeling down. Remember, your brain is a creature of habit and it wants to do what it always does because that feels familiar and safe. Unfortunately, that includes feeling down. (So in many ways, feeling down can become a bad mental habit.)

Today I’m writing you as a reminder that there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Sometimes we just need to shock our mental system with a reminder so that we can start to see something other than the doom and gloom it wants to focus on. So here are 5 reasons to be happy that will hopefully help to shift your mindset ASAP.

5 Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy #1:

You Are Here

It’s all too easy to miss the miracle of you, as you speed through the oh-so-mundane tasks of everyday life. So here’s a reminder: the chances of you being born is 1 in 400 trillion. Yes, really! Just you being here, breathing air, being in your body is evidence that you have already won the cosmic lottery.

However, it’s hard to remember that when your life is blowing up in your face. I know that when you feel the walls closing in or feel like there’s darkness all around you that you definitely don’t feel miraculous at all.

This human life is full of challenges. But to a certain degree, that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much you pray, how much you work on yourself. Sooner or later, something “bad” will happen to you. And that means it’s not about you. It’s not about punishing you. It’s just the way life works.

There are people who’ve had their lives cut short, and who fought to be here and lost. Yes, life can be challenging at times. But someone out there would gladly change places with you in a moment. Always aim to be mindful of just how lucky you really are.

Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy #2:

You Are A Conscious Creator

The very fact that you have stumbled across this page means that you are interested in furthering your own happiness and manifesting your desires. That already sets you apart from 80% of the population–the people who may or may not be happy, but definitely aren’t invested in doing anything to change things if they’re not.

You already know (if only deep down inside) that there’s more to the game of being human than we’ve been taught. You have a sneaking suspicion that you are here on purpose and that following your desires has a lot to do with living in your purpose.

And guess what? You’re right!

Being a great manifestor and Conscious Creator doesn’t mean that your life will happen without problems and negative events. But it does mean that you always get to decide on how to feel, what to think and where to go next. That’s an amazing gift that most people don’t even realize they have. It’s an amazing amount of freedom, especially in contrast to those people who are stuck in letting their circumstances dictate whether or not they feel good.

Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy #3:

Everything Is Temporary

No matter how good or bad your life might be going at the moment, one thing is certain: eventually, it will change. Our outer surroundings are in constant motion but fortunately, so is our inner world.

We are constantly changing in relation to the people, places, and things around us. This continued growth means that we will simply outgrow our current circumstances (and the lessons they are teaching us) sooner or later.

The problems you have right now might be very painful or unexpected. But no matter what happens, there inevitably be a new set of problems on your mind one day down the road. Try thinking about it this way: would you exchange your problems for someone else’s right now? When you put it that way, suddenly we have a lot more appreciation for where we’re at.

While this moment is not perfect, no time in your life will be. So try to pause for a moment, take a look around you and really be grateful for this moment. Remember, it’s just part of the beautiful tapestry of your life and almost every problem will seem like nothing when you look back from years into the future.

Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy #4:

What You Focus On Expands. Only Always.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have your own unique filter that changes the world you see. Just like when you buy a red car, you suddenly notice red cars everywhere, your brain is always hyper-aware of similar things in the environment around it.

Unforch, that means that if you start thinking something like “This always happens to me!” guess what? Your brain is going to start amassing evidence upon evidence that this always happens to you. End result? You will absolutely feel like this thought is a fact of life. You will feel defeated and like there’s nothing you can do to change your situation.

No bueno.

However, you can swap the negative lens in your mind for something more positive. You can’t control the fact that you have a filter but you can influence and guide the filter to focus on what you want. So when you open your mind to happiness, you really will start to find more of it in the world around you.

Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy #5:

There’s So Much More To Come

When you focus on past events, it’s all too easy to feel powerless and defeated. After all, there’s literally nothing you can do to change something that’s already happened. We all get in our heads about sometimes. However, simply changing your focus can radically shift how you feel.

In contrast, the past is set in stone, there are no limits on your future. From this moment forward, you are free to call in your desires, to show up as the person you really want to be, and to have all the experiences you’ve always dreamt about. No matter what has already happened to you, you can leave it all behind you and create what you want as you move forward.

Your future is pure potential and opportunity. However, most of us forget about this incredible freedom, especially as we obsess over past mistakes and hardships. But realizing just how powerful you are is something that’s worth being grateful for.

So tell me: which one of these reasons to be happy resonated the most with you? What do you focus on when you need a serious gratitude reminder?

No one can be happy 24 hours every day. But sometimes we all let ourselves wallow in our negative feelings and overlook just how many things we have to be grateful for. Hopefully, this list serves as a wonderful reminder!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy


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