Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: How Can I Let Go?

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Mastering the Art of Letting Go in Manifestation

Are you wondering: “How can I let go to manifest?” In manifestation, it’s very tricky to think about wanting something and also about releasing your attachment to it.

Today, we’re diving into a crucial yet often challenging aspect of manifestation – the art of letting go. Letting go is essential for successful manifestation, but it can be perplexing to understand and implement. If you’ve been struggling with this concept, today’s discussion will offer clarity and actionable steps.

Understanding Letting Go in Manifestation

Letting go is about releasing your attachment to the outcome of your desires. It definitely doesn’t mean you stop caring about what you want to manifest! Instead, it’s about not letting the desire control your emotions or sense of well-being.

The Paradox of Desire and Detachment

Manifestation involves a delicate balance between desire and detachment. While it’s important to have clear intentions and authentic desires, being overly attached to the outcome can create resistance and hinder the manifestation process.

Recognize the Signs of Over-Attachment

If your manifestation goals make you feel desperate, or anxious, you’re probably much too attached to the story you’ve created about them. This attachment often stems from a belief that your worth or happiness is contingent on external achievements or acquisitions.

(Reminder: it’s not!)

Shifting from Outcome to Process

In other words, stop fixating on the outcome! Instead, turn your focus on the process and how it makes you feel. Manifestation is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. It’s about enjoying the growth and development that comes with pursuing your goals.

Cultivating Inner Fulfillment

Start finding fulfillment and happiness within yourself, independent of your external circumstances. This inner fulfillment makes letting go easier, as your sense of self-worth and contentment isn’t tied to specific outcomes.

Trust the Universe

Part of letting go is trusting that the universe has your back. Believe that what is meant for you will come to you at the right time. This trust reduces the urge to control every aspect of the manifestation process.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool in letting go. By appreciating what you currently have, your focus shifts from lack and longing to abundance and contentment. This shift in perspective aligns you more closely with the energy of receiving.

Letting Go as an Ongoing Practice

Remember, letting go isn’t a one-time act; it’s a continuous practice. Regularly check in with yourself to ensure that your desires are not morphing into sources of stress or anxiety.

How Can I Let Go? | Final Thoughts

I hope this post answered the all-important “how can I let go to manifest?” question!

Learning how can I let go is an essential skill in the art of manifestation. It requires practice, self-awareness, and a shift in perspective. If you’re looking for more in-depth guidance, consider exploring my program, Recode, which offers tools and trainings to enhance your manifestation journey.

Manifesting your desires doesn’t have to be a struggle. By mastering the art of letting go, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities and allow the universe to work its magic in your life.

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Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: How Can I Let Go?


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