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8 Habits Of Mentally Strong People

What are the habits of mentally strong people?

You might not think of yourself as a mentally strong person right now.

But my question for you today is: why wouldn’t you want to?

Most of us are walking through life with some pretty negative and outdated ideas about ourselves.

We think that because we’ve endured tough times or because we’ve done something we now feel shame about that that means we’re weak.

Or–worse!–like there’s something wrong with us!

Maybe those negative ideas you have about yourself are so strong that you haven’t even challenged them!

That means we start thinking of ourselves as mentally weak. But the worst part about that is that then we start showing up like that’s what’s really true.

So again, let me ask you, if you could think of yourself as mentally strong, then why wouldn’t you want to?

Trust me, this option is available to everyone! And the best way to start reprogramming your mind to think this way is to start taking the actions that will prove it.

You don’t have to walk around thinking of yourself as weak or broken! Your self-image of yourself is so crucial to so much you do in life. So if things need some improving, why not take action right now to start to change it?

Here are my 8 best tips to help you start becoming mentally strong! So don’t hesitate. Take action today gorgeous!

8 Habits Of Mentally Strong People

Mentally Strong People Habit #1:

They Don’t Fear Their Mistakes

You might not think of yourself as a perfectionist but there’s a great chance perfectionist thinking might be getting in your way! If you’re putting off making a decision or taking action because you’re worried about getting things “right”, then this applies to you!

But it isn’t your fault! In school, we were taught that there’s only one right answer. But in the school of life, there isn’t! There are just a lot of different answers, with some that are better than others. But very often you won’t know what the best answer is for you, unless you pick something and find out!

Mentally strong people understand this and know they can’t go through life without making some mistakes. They’re definitely not waiting around for things to be “perfect” because they also know that will never happen.

Mentally Strong People Habit #2:

They Live In The Moment

Our brains love to play tricks on us and convince us to either ruminate over our past or freak out about our future. But focusing your attention on either of those things just brings you away from the only time that is real: the present moment.

Mentally strong people understand this; they know that spending too much time in their head takes them away from their only chance of happiness. So train yourself to do this too! Take a few moments during your day to get out of your mind and notice where you’re currently at. You might not think mindfulness has anything to do with being mentally strong but this practice alone will help you take control of your thoughts and your life!

Mentally Strong People Habit #3:

They Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a necessary ingredient for a happy and fulfilled life! As Oprah once famously said: Be grateful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never ever have enough

Yet in our fast-moving society, we’re rarely taught to be happy with what we’ve got! Consumerism means we’re always focusing on the so-called “latest and greatest”. That leaves us perpetually feeling like we’re trying to catch up–and therefore, like we’re never quite matching up to what’s expected of us. That ultimately leaves us feeling exhausting and perpetually lacking.

It takes strength to opt-out of this cultural expectation. But mentally strong people are inspired to do so because they know that on the other side lies true happiness.

Mentally Strong People Habit #4:

They Use Their Willpower

No matter what you’re after in life, willpower is an essential element in achieving your goals. Mentally strong people understand that success comes from persistence more than anything else! You can’t try for something one day and give up the next and still expect to get results. You have to keep showing up, whether you feel good or not.

If you keep giving up on yourself before you achieve your results, then of course you’ll never get where you want to go! But if you develop the habit of simply showing up–again and again and again–then you become unstoppable.

Mentally Strong People Habit #5:

They Challenge Themselves

Mentally strong people know that standing still is not an option! No matter how good their life might be at the moment, there’s always room for improvement!

That means they’re always setting goals and deciding on what they want to pursue next. They’re not going to let themselves get lazy and try to coast through life (which is smart because that doesn’t work anyway!). They know that while doing new things can be intimidating, it’s also the only way to learn–and the only way to keep making progress to what they want.

Mentally Strong People Habit #6:

They Keep Going After Setbacks

Everyone faces bumps in the road from time to time! Maybe you worked really hard on something and it didn’t turn out how you wanted it to. Or maybe you thought something was about to happen for you and it just didn’t. These moments can seem intensely personal, ultimately signifying something negative about us. But when you let that negative story take up space in your mind, then you’ll find it hard to get yourself back to in the ring.

Mentally strong people simply don’t let those moments get in their way! Yes, sometimes things are tough or we get disappointed but it’s always up to us whether or not to keep going. The story of negativity is yours to believe–or not believe. But picking the option that allows you to keep moving forward instead of giving up really is the strongest thing you can do!

Mentally Strong People Habit #7:

They Are Kind

Fact: it’s a whole lot easier to take your anger or frustration out on people than it is to come from a place of love and respect! We’re all tempted to snap at people sometimes–whether it’s a friend, partner or the cashier at your grocery store–but not following that impulse is a sign of true inner strength.

So the next time you’re tempted to lose it on someone, take a deep breath and come back to your power. Ask yourself: is this really the best use of my energy? Be strong and stay kind.

Mentally Strong People Habit #8:

They Take Responsibility For Themselves No Matter What

At times it’s tempting to blame our failures and shortcomings on other people or circumstances. But a funny thing happens when you do that! When you decide to believe that it’s all X’s or Y’s fault, that also means that you can’t do anything to change it! After all, you’re not X or Y! So while blame feels good temporarily it also goes hand-in-hand with victim mentality.

While it might be a tough pill to swallow to admit where you’ve gone wrong, it’s also the path to becoming the hero of your own story! If you can admit to where your mistakes were, then you’ll also be able to start correcting them. That’s the first step towards getting your true power back!

So what did you think? How mentally strong do you feel you are? Which steps are you going to implement first?

Your mental image of yourself is so key to everything you want in life! If you don’t think of yourself as being mentally strong, you can do something about it! Your mindset is everything and you really can change anything you want about yourself. And, as a bonus, once you do, you might just be surprised at how much your outer world changes too!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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8 Habits Of Mentally Strong People


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