6 Mind Management Tools For A Happier More Confident You

6 Mind Management Tools For A Happier More Confident You

In the need of useful mind management tools?

Fun fact: I used to be an absolute prisoner to the thoughts and feelings in my own mind.

I often felt like I was out of control. Or like my life was at least! I frequently experienced depression and anxiety. Even though I felt like I was doing my best, I really wasn’t happy with my job, my relationship or with anything.

I’m not telling you this because I’m proud of those days! I’m telling you this because I’ve truly turned my life around thanks to mind management techniques.

If you’d told me back then that one day I’d be a life coach who’d studied NLP, CBT and hypnosis in addition to my psychology degree, I probably wouldn’t have believed you!

Like most life coaches, I didn’t get here because my life has always been smooth sailing. In fact, it was quite the opposite: a few major Cosmic 2×4 Moments were involved in getting me to where I am.

But now I know that was always just part of the plan!

However, I remember those old days of feeling trapped and frustrated very well–which is why it’s part of my passion to share the tools and wisdom I’ve learned over the years.

But to bring it back to manifestation for a moment: I strongly believe that this sort of inner work is the most powerful magic there is!

When you mater your inner world, you become magnetic and start creating what you have inside of you. So in my eyes these aren’t really two worlds at all, but two ways of looking at the same coin.

And if you’re having problems manifesting your desires, managing your mind is always what I recommend to get unstuck and back into flow.

So today I wanted to get you started creating your own mind management toolkit. Be sure to bookmark these and come back to them as needed! And just a warning: this stuff will change your life!

6 Mind Management Tools For A Happier More Confident You

Mind Management Tool #1:

Notice Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are always one of our biggest blocks. That’s because we’ve had them for a very long time–so long that they do in fact appear very real to us.

But of course, a limiting belief is exactly that: just a belief! And whenever you have a belief about something there’s also always a way to change it.

For example, you might believe that you’re just not good with money, good at doing your job, good at doing relationships etc. And I’m sure that by this point in your life you’ve amassed a whole bunch of “evidence” to support those ideas!

But here’s the more important question: how are those beliefs actually serving you? For example, believing that money is just too hard or that you can’t lose weight probably isn’t serving you at all! So why not at least try believing in something else?

It’s your mind and your future happiness! Isn’t it time to choose your beliefs too?

You can shift whatever you want starting today, with just a little bit of attention and repetition.

Mind Management Tool #2:

Tackle Fear

Fear is always one of our biggest blocks, even though we might not even realize it! But our brain is very well-invested in our safekeeping. It’s job is to keep you alive!

However, it does this job a little too vigorously: meaning, it will always try to convince you to just stay home and safe rather than venturing into any new territory…ever.

But as cliche as it sounds, everything you want is on the other side of fear! There is simply no way for you to create your dream life without getting out of your comfort zone a little. (Errr, more like a lot.)

So yes, it’s scary at times. And yes, you might not really know what you’re doing at times. But that’s okay! No one ever planned their way to their dreams. Sure, there’s planning involved but there’s also a whole lot of messy imperfect action involved.

When you understand this, you can feel free to dive into whatever’s next, always trusting that no matter what happens, in the end you’ll figure it out.

Mind Management Tool #3:

Turn Down The Inner Mean Guy/Girl

We all have one! And that Inner Mean Guy/Girl can certainly do a number on our happiness and ambition.

To get control over this part of our mind, it’s important to understand where it’s really coming from: fear. Again, our brain’s most important job is to keep us safe. Unfortunately, to do that it will do it’s very best to keep us from venturing outside our safe little box (and into the new levels of love, money and success that we so desire).

So it becomes our biggest bully. It tells us we’re not enough, that we’ll never be enough or that we just shouldn’t bother trying. It will shoot down our abilities and our dreams until it gets what it wants: us…remaining the same.

If you want to live a big bold juicy sort of life, you need to learn how to let go of this part of you. Yes, that voice is loud and yes, it’s been bossing you around for a very long time!

But once you understand it’s true motivation, it will become a lot easier to not believe all the terrible things it’s saying to you.

Mind Management Tool #4:

Take Back Your Power

Humans are really just big meaning-creating machines. We invent stories in the flash of a second, literally without any real evidence to back them up.

To prove it: just watch what your mind does the next time you’re behind a “bad” driver or waiting in a slow grocery store line up. Pretty fascinating, right? It’s absolutely crazy how we rush to judge people–by creating some seemingly-very-real stories about who they are and what their motivation is.

However, it’s crucial to realize that the things we see in the world are really just stories–our stories. We are the ones ultimately in charge of creating them, even though they often get in our own way.

For example, think about your personal relationships. We often rush to judge what our partner being late really means: s/he doesn’t respect me or love me etc. Then in turn, we get cold or create an argument, in turn create suffering for ourselves and our partner.

But you can train yourself to start seeing beyond those initial stories. Just keep asking: what else could be true in this moment?

When you realize that it’s really just you writing the story, that gives you so much power and freedom. You no longer have to wait for the world to do what you want in order to be happy. You can start just being happy–no matter what.

Mind Management Tool #5:

Heal Your Trauma

Our childhood might be a very long time ago now but in so many ways we’re living with the beliefs we learned way back when.

Most of us have some trauma related to our childhood that we need to heal. Trauma conjures up some strong images which of course are their own important issue. But here, I’m specifically talking about everyday trauma: the trauma we have all experienced as a child who did not have their needs met.

We all know what it’s like to feel unlovable or abandoned or rejected. But those very everyday experiences from our past can manifest themselves in all kinds of patterns in our adult lives–and that’s why it’s so important to do some sort of reparenting or Inner Child work to heal them.

Of course, we can’t change our past! But we can heal it. We are all powerful enough to do this and to free ourselves from unhealthy patterns in our world.

Mind Management Tool #6:

NLP Hypnosis

While there’s a lot you can do on your own to manage your mind, sometimes you need to take things to the next level.

NLP hypnosis is one of my favorite tools for doing this! NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) is the best way to communicate with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious doesn’t respond to words the way your conscious mind does! Instead, it thinks in pictures and feelings–which means you need to program it with those things in order to create a change.

NLP is a favorite of mine because it works so powerfully and quickly. However, this one requires the use of a professional who’s been trained in this modality. (Either in a private session or through a pre-recorded MP3 session.)

So tell me: which mind management tool are you going to implement first? What are you hoping to achieve through mind management?

Your mind might seem like it’s not in your control at the moment. But anyone can train themselves to be more confident and happy when they apply these techniques. Don’t settle for getting bossed around by your own brain. You are always the one in charge and when you start to actually use that power, everything changes.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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