5 Things You Can Manifest To Live Your Best Life

5 Things To Manifest To Live Your Best Life

Thinking about things to manifest?

So you’ve discovered the world of manifestation. Amazing! Congrats.

The Law of Attraction is honestly one of the most potent forces in my world and I hope it becomes the same for you.

However, I’ve noticed a pattern in brand-new manifestors.

They get really excited about getting started! So they go out and try to manifest something big, like winning the lottery or finding their dream partner.

I’m not going to tell you that you can’t manifest those things. But the problem is, in the beginning stages, it’s so much better to play around with smaller goals.

If you try to manifest something really big and it doesn’t happen (usually within like a week) then people tend to give up and say it’s not working.

And that’s not the case! Manifestation is always working, whether we try to make it happen or not. So conscious manifestation is what I’m really teaching here which is also a skill that most of us need to practice.

You probably wouldn’t go out and try to run a marathon without training, right? The same thing should apply to manifestation.

So now that I’ve burst your bubble and encouraged you to set your sights a little lower, you might be wondering what you actually can manifest. Honestly, the list is endless! But today I’m sharing these five smaller-yet-super-fun ideas to get your manifesting juices flowing.

5 Things You Can Manifest To Live Your Best Life

Things To Manifest Idea #1:

A Text Message

Is there someone you really want to hear from right now? Whether it’s a romantic situation or not, this intention is a really fun manifestation to play with!

How to do it? All you need to do is set the intention very clearly. Put it out there that you want a text message from X. If you just obsess about the person, that’s very different than setting an intention and letting it go!

My only caveat here is that you can’t play with what the text message is going to say. Just put it out there that you will receive it and leave the rest up to the magic!

Things To Manifest Idea #2:

A Small Amount Of Money

When it comes to manifesting money, most people go for broke (ha! so to speak). That means they concentrate on winning the lotto or manifesting a million dollars–and then get very disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

That’s exactly why I suggest starting small when it comes to manifesting money. So why not make this just a part of your daily manifesting routine?

Try manifesting $5 today, the $20 next week, $50 the week after etc. Watch for the patterns and create confidence in your abilities to manifest! It’s so much easier to manifest money successfully when you’re not creating a huge story about what the money means.

Playing with these small amounts will build your confidence in being able to do this regularly. (Not to mention, all those “small” amounts can stack up to something big over time!)

Things To Manifest Idea #3:

Having A Good Day/Meeting/Date

One of the things I want every manifestor to know is that it’s okay to use the Law of Attraction for every day things! Especially in the beginning, most people tend to reserve their manifesting efforts only for their biggest dreams and goals.

That can be limiting in a few ways–but it’s also forgetting about all the magic you can tap into on a daily basis.

The more intentions you set, the more consciously you create your life! So, if you’ve never done this, I’d suggest you start thinking about it now. What’s happening in your day today? What intentions do you want to set?

Taking a moment to even just think about how you want your workout, work meeting or date to go can go a long way towards creating the exact results you want! Few people even bother to do this. But imagine just how much could change in your world if you did?

Things To Manifest Idea #4:

A Free Coffee/Drink

Who doesn’t love it when someone treats them to a coffee? So why not make that a manifestation intention that you can have a little fun with?

A coffee in particular is a fun thing to play with because it’s part of the every day fabric of most people’s lives. Yet if someone unexpectedly treats you to a coffee it’s probably going to make your day! That’s exactly why it’s such a great thing to manifest.

Things To Manifest Idea #5:

A Gift

This the true manifestation wildcard! When most of us play with the Law of Attraction, we tend to get really specific about what we want (and sometimes, even straying into how we want it to show up).

But why not leave a little room for some random fun in your manifestations? Asking for a gift or a surprise can yield some very interesting results.

However, this one’s up to you to receive. Most gifts are not getting hand-delivered wrapped up in a pretty box! So you need to keep your eyes open for what a gift really is. It could be an idea download from the Universe, a parking spot out front or your neighbor suddenly gifting you with their almost-new kettle (that you really actually needed!).

The Universe truly moves with a sense of play and fun! Manifesting a gift is a wonderful way to see this in action and keep yourself in constant receiving mode.

So tell me: what are you going to manifest next? Which ideas seems the most fun to you?

Always remember that manifestation responds to our energy. When we can stay in a playful non-attached space, that’s when we create our best results. This is tricky to do on the bigger things in life so be sure to practice lots on the smaller things to build up your manifestation confidence.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Things You Can Manifest To Live Your Best Life


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