5 Signs You Need A Life Coach

5 Signs You Need A Life Coach

Looking for some signs that you need a life coach?

Full disclosure: I stumbled my way into becoming a life coach.

But it’s understandable why.

In my younger years, I’d never heard of a life coach, much less considered becoming one.

Life coaching just wasn’t as popular or well-understood as it is now! In fact, many people still aren’t really sure what coaching is all about or why they would ever need a life coach themselves.

(BTW if you think it takes guts to work with one just imagine what it’s like to BECOME one yourself!)

There’s still a lot of resistance in the world when it comes to personal development and life coaching. And to that end, I’m still greeted by quizzical looks or blank stares when I tell people what I do.

Thankfully, I think the days of being stigmatized for wanting to work on yourself are slowly coming to an end! You don’t have to hide your self-help book in another book while you’re on the train anymore. And it’s not at all weird to acknowledge your shortcomings to the world at large. (In fact, people seem to LOVE doing this all over Facebook!)

Why should it be embarrassing to admit that sometimes you need an outside perspective and a gentle boost to get your life back in order? Isn’t that miles better than the alternative? (ie. not doing anything and remaining stuck and unhappy?)

Life coaches can’t change your world for you, but they can help to solidify your values and goals and help you create a road map for your future.

And here’s the biggest secret of all:

Most of us have chosen this pathway not because we’re perfect and have never encountered any big problems in life!

We’ve chosen life coaching because we’ve gone through some tough times and we’ve learned some tools along the way to help us deal with it.

My point here is that if you’re unsure what coaching is or if it’s right for you, that’s totally okay!

People will choose a life coach for many reasons. But some reasons are more common than others! And that’s exactly why I put together this quick guide.

So if you’ve been wondering whether a life coach is the right answer for you or not, here are five sure-fire signs to be aware of:

5 Signs That You Need A Life Coach

Signs You Need A Life Coach #1: You Don’t Have Goals Or Dreams

When you were a kid, almost every adult you interacted with asked you a very important question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

But somewhere along the way, people stopped asking. Because of course you’re supposed to have that all figured out already! If not by the age of 20 then definitely by the age of 30 and furthermore, no one’s going indulge you by asking that question ever again.

However, the only constant in life is change! And while society thinks you should be done growing after a certain point (after going to college, getting a job, getting married etc.) the truth is you just DON’T. Your body might have stopped getting taller but your brain, emotion and spirit are in a constant state of transformation.

You’re supposed to be constantly figuring it out! And if you stop, you’re going to know deep down inside that something has gone wrong.

A lack of desires and dreams is a sure-fire sign that you’ve lost touch with the real you! It’s definitely not frivolous or immature to dream of what’s still to come. Growth is crucial to both your overall happiness and to your unique mission in this life.

So if you’re unsure of your purpose and not sure what to do next in life, then it might be time to speak with a life coach to help get you back on track.

Signs You Need A Life Coach #2: You Feel Stuck

Do you find yourself circling through the same problems over and over again in life?

You’re hardly alone if your answer is yes!

Feeling stuck or in a rut is typically a sign that you need to take a new approach. If you’re serious about changing, then something needs to shift! It’s time for you to face your fears in order to move forward.

Look at it this way: when you play a video game, you keep trying out new strategies to make it through to the next level.

But in real life, many of us get stuck on the level we’re currently at! We keep trying the same things over and over again even thought that’s EXACTLY like making Mario jump, miss and fall off the cliff again…and again…and again.

From our inside perspective, it can be difficult to see where the problem is. This is where we’ll get caught up in blame. (“The cliff shouldn’t be there!” “This level shouldn’t be so hard!” “If only X did something different, I wouldn’t be here.”)

But all the blame in the world won’t change Mario world…and it won’t change real life either! Creating different results always requires taking different action–and a life coach is a wonderful person to help you decide on what that action should be.

Signs You Need A Life Coach #3: You Don’t Feel Like You Anymore

Lately, you’ve been scrolling through Instagram a lot. But embarrassingly, it’s your own feed that’s on your mind!

You’re looking at those old photos of you–smiling, excited, HAPPY–and wondering where exactly that old version of you has gone.

You’re not sure what the problem is. But you do know that somewhere along the line, life has gotten a lot less fun. You’ve done everything that you were supposed to do…so why do you feel so blah?

Not everyone was born to follow the rules or fit in society’s neat little box! And there’s definitely no one true path to satisfaction. Many times the things we’ve focussed on in life are simply what was expected of us–not the things we genuinely wanted for ourselves.

So if you’re wondering where your formerly fun and happy self disappeared to, then it might just be time to work with a life coach in order to figure which piece has gone missing.

Signs You Need A Life Coach #4: You’re Secretly A Hot Mess

Your life might look okay on the outside! You’ve got a decent job, a boyfriend, lots of friends.

But deep down inside, you’re hyper aware of the truth:

Most days, it feels like you’re barely hanging on.

You’re looking around at everyone else and wonder how they can all look so perfect and happy.

While nothing is really wrong with your life, nothing is all that right either! And the little voice inside that’s telling you something needs to change is getting louder and louder.

Imposter syndrome is extremely common! But it’s stressful to walk around thinking that somehow everything you built will be taken away from you. To make things worse, constantly comparing yourself to what you see on social media is a recipe for misery.

If you’re letting comparison-itis or perfectionism rule you’re life, it won’t matter how good your life is! You’ll always come in second place to what you’re comparing yourself too–and that’s unhealthy. But a life coach can help you to pinpoint those unhelpful thought patterns so you can forgive yourself for being wonderfully imperfectly human.

Signs You Need A Life Coach #5: You Still Want More

You made the goals and you achieved them. But now you’re at the finish line wondering “now what?”

It’s super common to feel a let-down after a momentous occasion! So whether you’ve just graduated, gotten married, got the big promotion, your moment of happiness might be shockingly short.

This happens because you were so focused on that ONE big thing you didn’t stop to consider what came afterwards! And that can leave you feeling unsteady and unfocused, even AFTER you got exactly what you always wanted.

But continuing to want more from life isn’t a sign that something has gone wrong! It’s totally NORMAL–and it’s totally okay for you to keep dreaming up new goals and pursuing them wholeheartedly.

There’s only ONE real finish line in life–and we won’t get there until the very end! So don’t freak out if your life never feels “finished” or if you’re peculiarly underwhelmed by what you’ve worked for. That’s all normal and definitely NOT a sign that something’s wrong! A life coach can help you sort through a transition time to figure out where your next step in life should be.

Is Inner Healing Life Coaching right for you?

My own life coaching practice is a mix of the spiritual and practical. We’ll create a safe space for you to fully evaluate your needs and desires. Together, we’ll work on healing old issues from your past and reprogramming your mind to create happiness and success. Click here to read more about my coaching services and fill your application!

As you can see, life coaching is the right answer for many people! The bottom line is that you don’t have to endlessly struggle, trying to figure everything out yourself! An outside perspective can make all the difference in the world–and finally help you feel better and live the kind of life you truly desire.

Got any questions or comments about life coaching? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I’ll be back here next week with more personal development goodness.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Signs You Need A Life Coach


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