5 Reasons Why Your Abundance Helps The World

5 Reasons Why Your Abundance Helps The World

Do you struggle with the idea of manifesting money for yourself? You need to find out why your abundance helps the world!

Many spiritual people still shy away from the idea of asking for (much less receiving!) cold hard cash into their lives.

But that’s taking an old-fashioned puritanical approach to money.

In the olden days, we were supposed to earn money in order to tithe the church. So think about what that really means for a minute! The church wasn’t eschewing money. In fact, it just wanted yours so they could build more and more churches.

I’m not saying that to discredit anyone by the way! I just find it funny that people still feel so icky and dirty about money when the institution where those money beliefs originally came from is so open about receiving it!

You can think what you want about money but there’s no denying that it’s a powerful force in our physical reality.

But let’s not get an appreciation of money twisted! I also definitely don’t mean we can (or should!) accrue Bezos-like riches. That would be unsustainable for us and for the planet!

The point I want to make today is that spirituality and wealth are still seen as distinct and opposing entities. However, that idea is untrue and outdated. Those old ideas just encourage a cycle of helplessness and poverty.

We must shake off those old ideas to empower ourselves–and therefore empower more of the good we want to see in the world!

(For example, just think about what Bezos or Musk could do if they were fixing social problems instead of launching cars into space!)

You can’t call money in when you’re either afraid of it or trying to ignore it.So getting clear about what you can do with your money is a powerful way of magnetizing more of it to you.

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m going to be talking a lot more about abundance, prosperity and abundant flow this year! But in my view, abundance is ultimately about much more than money!

When you step up and face your fears and blind spots, a lot of other things will also change. The action you take in one area will undoubtedly affect all areas.

Shifting your money beliefs is just a small part of the bigger picture–but it’s one place where we can see the biggest results. (So I also understand why money is such a popular topic!)

If you’re interested in increasing your abundance or expanding your wealth consciousness, let’s flip those old dirty money beliefs and get you really excited about what you can do with money in the world! Here are five reasons to get you excited today about calling in that moolah:

5 Reasons Why Your Abundance Helps The World

Why Your Abundance Helps The World Reason #1:

Give Back

Like it or lump it, there’s no doubt that people with money can actually get stuff done. Want to open a charity? Send a kid to college? Build a school in Africa? Then you’re going to need some money in order to do that!

Giving back to the world is one of the best feelings. Of course, you can always do that in one way or another but money can make really big things happen. If you have big ambitions for helping out your fellow mankind, just remember that writing large cheques is the most bad-ass way to start the ball rolling.

In the end, it’s not the money that has the power; it’s the person with the money! So start to get excited about all you can achieve with your future money.

Why Your Abundance Helps The World Reason #2:

Conscious Consumption

Face it: when you’re poor, there’s only so much you can do with your money. When you’re counting every penny, you end up shopping at discount stores whether you like it or not! That means there’s only so much selection when it comes to choosing your food or clothes.

When money isn’t an issue, you actually get to exercise your right to choose what you want to buy. Organic groceries from Whole Foods? Sure. Organic cotton workout clothes? Definitely. Independently owned organic beauty products? Of course! Instead of support mega-corporations and their limited offerings, you get to pump your money into the stores and companies that align with your values.

After all, money is ultimately meant to flow! Part of the magic of having money is deciding on what you are going to do with yours.

Why Your Abundance Helps The World Reason #3:

Improved Health

There’s no doubt about it: a healthy you is a happy you! It’s incredibly difficult to achieve new things and make a difference in the world if you’ve got a chronic health issue. Health care is truly just another form of self-love. You’ve been gifted this human vessel; you also have to make sure you take care of it while you’re in it! Money can help you do that through your diet, exercise routine and practitioners.

But being healthy isn’t just about just you. It allows you to show up fully as yourself and to fulfill whatever mission you’re here to do. Plus, being healthy means you’re not a burden on the medical system, freeing up resources for other people. Caring about your health really does affect more than just you. So take pride in yours and don’t hesitate to make it a priority!

Why Your Abundance Helps The World Reason #4:

Help Family + Friends

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the 5 Love Languages–but that usually also means that money is part of the equation! Of course, there are ways to give gifts without spending money. But for most of us, giving gifts comes with an actual price tag–one that you need some very real money for.

You’re never truly under an obligation to help out family or friends. But personally speaking, having the ability to help out or treat the people you care about now and again is an amazing experience! I’ve treated people to everything from coffee to a trip to NYC. (So much fun!) Who wouldn’t want to be able to occasionally treat someone or help out a friend or family member in need? Having money simply offers you the ability to do that.

Why Your Abundance Helps The World Reason #5:

Hiring People

If you’re an entrepreneur, growing your business also eventually means being able to hire more people! It’s truly a beautiful and aligned thing. Being able to offer someone employment is a massive service to the world–and even more so if you offer wonderful wages and benefits etc. That’s a powerful way of extending your reach and power into the world!

But even if you’re not an entrepreneur, hiring people should be thought of as a sacred act. Maybe you need a housekeeper, a nanny, a nutritionist, a life coach or a personal trainer. The art of hiring someone in any capacity is still powerful! Those are all people who are now making money because of you.

Personally, I’ve heard lots of people be judge-y about hiring an assistant or cleaner. Of course, that attitude is always more of a projection of the person talking rather than the person hiring! So if you hear similar push back, just remember that hiring someone is never about being greedy or taking up resources. Being able to hire people is an amazing way to spread your money energy around and it’s pretty damn great for the economy to boot. So never feel guilty or discount what hiring people really means for the world around you!

Imagine a world full of excited and spiritual entrepreneurs who are out there doing amazing things with their money! Sounds pretty good right? Wouldn’t we be able to accomplish so much more if we had the money power behind us? I definitely think so! So I invite you into learning more about attracting and receiving money, if not for your own good then for the good of the entire planet!

Good luck with it and thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Reasons Why Your Abundance Helps The World


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