4 Ways To Create Success Consciousness

4 Ways To Create Success Consciousness

Wondering how to create success consciousness? This is the mindset you need in order to manifest money.

Imagine it now: feeling, living and breathing success.

Success consciousness is the ultimate state of mind. It’s that wonderful way of creating your own success by believing in it before you see it.

And that has everything to do with successful manifesting!

Like I always say, manifesting is easy. People are hard! Shifting the gears inside your mind to move out of victim mode and into writing the reality you really want is crucial for your success, in both manifesting and in life!

In other words, the way you see and interact with the world has a huge impact on your success.

Mindset really is the key difference between someone who sticks things out and makes their dreams come true vs someone who gives up too soon.

Whatever you focus your energy and attention will always expand!

So why not use that consciously? Creating success consciousness is simply about moving towards success, starting from the inside out.

Creating success consciousness is simply a new way of doing life!

Mastering success consciousness is an awesome way to become a powerful manifestor! After all, if you truly believe that you’re unstoppable, what choice does the Universe have in the matter? It’s as good as done.

So the big question now is: how can you start to adopt success consciousness into your life?

You’re in just the right place! I’ve got four tips to get you started right here:

4 Ways To Create Success Consciousness

Success Consciousness Tip #1:

Drop The Victim Act

To be a success in life you’ve got to get this one part straight: you are not a victim.

Take a look at any successful person: are they telling you how hard their life has been? Are they giving you excuses? Are they pointing the blame finger at anyone else?

Of course not! That’s because success is self-made. Every success story has defied the odds in one way or another. Those people are writing their reality, not finding excuses for not living it.

If you want to follow their path, you’ve got to start taking responsibility for your life right now in order to start fixing it. If you’re sitting around waiting for someone to give you a break because of X/Y/Z then you’ll likely be waiting a very long time! You can moan and groan all you like but few people will give you an extra credit for your victimhood. That negativity is definitely not doing you any favors!

On the other hand, right now you can decide to be the hero of your own story. You can decide to overcome your past and write your future. But please just know, you can’t be a victim AND a hero at the same time! You only get one choice. So what’s it going to be?

Success Consciousness Tip #2:

Reframe Your Story

Humans are natural storytellers! In many ways, that’s a beautiful thing. Stories bind us together. They allow us to understand each other. But there’s also a dark side to this talent of ours.

We’re also wonderful at creating stories that get in the way of our success. We all have stories about why we’re not where we want to be. Of course, those stories feel very real to us because there are elements of the truth in there. Maybe your boyfriend did dump you or your boss fired you or your professor gave you a really low grade on your final paper. But by continuing to hold up that story as the ultimate reason why you’re not doing what you want to do is totally false. You always a choice. You always get to go out there and succeed anyway, no matter what has happened to you.

Want proof? There are lots of people in the world who’ve come from terrible circumstances to do amazing things! The only real difference between you and them is mindset. Those people looked at their so-called limitations and kept going. They refused to be defined by them.

The way you think of yourself is the most important thing–and that has a lot to do with your story. So no matter where you’ve come from, it’s time for a rewrite. And here’s a big tip: remember you’re at the beginning, not the end! So where do you want to go from here? And who do you have to become in order to make that happen?

Success Consciousness Tip #3:

Own Your Worth

Worthiness is the secret key to successful manifestation! That’s because if you don’t deeply believe you’re worthy of your goals, you’ll never be able to manifest them. Instead, you’ll put up invisible blocks and barriers that get in the way of you claiming the things you want.

Shame is the tight-knit shield that’s covering up your worthiness! We all feel inherently shameful about certain topics or events in our life. That feeling of shame is what gets in the way of our worthiness. So, while it might not feel good in the moment, diving in and learning more about where your specific shame comes from is the only way to heal those wounds and to start feeling worthy of your goals.

But I get it: it’s common to think all that stuff from your past doesn’t matter any more! After all, we’re all grown up now right? But a surprising amount of our current motivations actually stem from major events in our past. It’s crucial that you put in the work to totally love and accept yourself (and your life!). Feeling deeply worthy of your goals is necessary for success consciousness!

Success Consciousness Tip #4:

Find Your Happy

Newsflash! My beautiful human, there’s something important I need you to know: you are meant to be happy. Life isn’t about working really hard forever and ever and putting off rewarding ourselves until we’ve hit artificial deadlines.

Every single goal of yours is there for a reason! You want those things because you want to feel good. But don’t make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket! There are a million ways to feel good so please don’t believe you have to wait in order to do that.

The happier you are, the better your energy is and the more beautiful things will naturally flow your way! Being in a high-vibe is crucial for successful manifesting.But it’s also more than that: being happy is the whole point of this human existence. Learning how to do it is just winning at life.

It’s not something that just happens. You can decide to create your own happiness any time you like! So stop waiting and start practice flexing those happiness muscles today!

So how can you start creating your success consciousness? What can you do to walk the walk of success instead of creating stories and blocks around it?

The bottom line is that success starts on the inside. When you live it and breathe it, you’ll have no choice but to actually achieve it! Expecting success will have the very real effect of making it happen for you.

So go out and try it this week. And please come back and let me know how it went. I’d LOVE to hear your results with this!

Thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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4 Ways To Create Success Consciousness


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