4 Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

What To Do When You Move Into A New Home

Changing homes is always both an exciting and stressful time. Settling in and leaving your mark on a space is a wonderful way to redefine yourself and your place in the world. It always marks both the beginning and ending of a chapter in our life.

Personally, I absolutely love taking a blank canvas and making it my own, even if that also involves figuring out the special trick to open the front door or how to navigate your new neighbor’s TV viewing habits.

A fresh new space is a vibrant thing. It will rub off on you. And it will change your perspective (Who will I be while living here?).

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your home isn’t big or nice enough for this sort of stuff to matter. It’s your space so it always matters. Having a fancy house won’t necessarily make this experience any more satisfying. As always, it’s the attitude that matters most.

(And we’re all working on that attitude of gratitude, right? 🙂 )

So whether it’s a shiny new condo or a seen-better-days rental, it’s time to take a pause and really honor this special moment.

What To Do When You Move Into A New Home: 4 Tips

Here are a few things you need do to get your home truly ready for you:

What To Do When You Move Into A New Home Tip #1: Give It A Thorough Cleaning

It might go without saying but you don’t want to begin your new chapter in the remnants of someone else. If your place isn’t spic and span, get on it ASAP. Even if you don’t normally indulge in professional cleaners, booking a one-time-only deep clean will be totally worth it. Even if your place is brand-spanking-new, you might still have lots of drywall dust to contend with. (And I hate to break it to you but your tradespeople have all used your new toilet before you – maybe even as an ashtray.)

What To Do When You Move Into A New Home Tip #2: Set An Intention

Ok now that we’ve cleaned it’s time to do some reflecting. Take fifteen minutes or so to sit and get quietly focused. It’s best to do this in your new empty home but if that’s not possible just try to visualize it as best you can. Like a New Years or the start of a new school year, this is the time to assess where you are and where you are going. What do you want your new life to look like? Is there something you want to include more of? Is it time to shed some old habits or maybe even friends? If you can, come up with a word or two that best represents your visions for the future (you can use this word as a mantra).

Once you’ve reflected for a bit, close your eyes and do a five-minute visualization. Imagine yourself in your new space, being calm, healthy and happy and going about your daily routine.

What To Do When You Move Into A New Home Tip #3: Conduct An Energetic Cleansing

There is simply no way to know who has been in your new space let alone what might have happened there. And again, even if your new home is brand-new, many people have spent time there. So this is also the perfect time for a house clearing ritual. It’s time to remove any leftover energies from previous tenants and to create a nice blank slate for your new life phase.

You can read more about how to have an energetically cleansing ritual right over here.

What To Do When You Move Into A New Home Tip #4: Have A Housewarming

Don’t think you have to wait until everything is done before you have your housewarming! I once went to a housewarming party where we were literally standing around moving boxes and it was wonderful. The entire point of a housewarming is to bring the warm loving energy of your friends into your space. Have a party because this is a true moment to be commemorated not because you want to show off. It’s also a great reminder that all we really need in life is the right people. It ultimately doesn’t matter if you are serving nibbles off of paper plates; it’s the vibe that will be remembered not the decor. The whole point is to fill your new space with laughter and love–literally.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know how your next move goes.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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4 Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home


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