3 Manifesting Rules You Can Break

3 Manifesting Rules You Can Break

Rules, rules, rules. For any Law of Attraction student, it sure can seem like manifesting has got an awful lot of them.

As a manifesting teacher, it’s my job to break down the manifesting process and make it easy to understand.

Because you’re manifesting things into your life already! All I do is teach how to do it consciously.

My major aim with the Law of Attraction is empowerment. So I really shy away from teaching people to do things just because I said so.

If you don’t understand why your manifesting teacher is asking you to do certain tasks, then you’re not getting the full benefit.

Superstition happens when you start doing things blindly or without understanding the reason why. I don’t want to create a bunch of superstitious manifestors, blindly going through the motions and hoping for the best!

Rather, I want to give you powerful knowledge: to know why something will work and why some things won’t so that you can mix and match and create your own manifesting protocol that works for you.

Everybody is different! What resonates for one person won’t work for the next. We all have different starting points, different attitudes, different obstacles.

That’s exactly why I don’t believe manifesting is the result of blindly sticking to the rules. It’s up to all of us to figure out what methods work best. So every so-called rule is really just a suggestion: you can feel free to play with them and change them around to suit your needs.

At the end of the day, it’s your energy that counts the most! So why try to manifest doing things that aren’t in alignment with you? It’s much more useful (and fun!) to focus on what feels good to you.

It’s also important to remember that it’s hard to manifest something amazing out of a process that doesn’t feel amazing. You have to feel it before you have it! So if you’re not feeling anything but dread or duty or fear, then you have to realize that’s what’s going to show up in your manifesting.

The purpose of this post isn’t to tell you not to do these activities or to suggest that they don’t work! I’m using these three things as examples of how certain activities might be swapped out for something that you’d personally find more useful.

I’m writing this today with the intent to encourage you to have fun and experiment! This is your life and your energy is what truly matters. So feel free to follow your own path to manifesting success and throw whatever rules you like straight out the window!

3 Manifesting Rules You Can Break

To inspire you, here’s my three suggestions for manifesting rules you can totally break:

3 Manifesting Rules You Can Totally Break

Manifesting Rule You Can Break #1: Be Positive All The Time

Let’s get this clear: YES your mindset matters for your manifesting. Your emotions are a form of energy. And so it’s important to stay high-vibe. But let’s also give ourselves a little room to be human.

It’s totally okay to experience negative emotions from time to time! After all, without the lows in life we wouldn’t be able to even notice the highs! So “negative” emotions aren’t something you can completely avoid. As Abraham Hicks says, they’re simply contrast: a necessary element to help you focus back in on what does feel good to you.

I see people get absolutely crazy about trying to stay high-vibe all the time, to the point of frustration with other people or acting out of superstition. The more you stress yourself out about trying to feel good when you don’t, the more out of alignment you’ll feel! So my advice is simply: don’t.

There’s not one person on earth who feels good all of the time! Trying to attain for this lofty goal will only wear you out in the end. So let yourself be human and experience the full-range of your emotions. Even the negative ones have something important to show you. So don’t run from them! Learn the lesson and feel the feeling before you try to move on.

Manifesting Rule You Can Break #2: Vision Boards

From my posts lately you might think I’m totally hating on the idea of vision boards! I’m really not (promise!). But I definitely don’t think they’re a must for everyone and here’s why:

Vision boards are simply a tool that speaks to your subconscious mind. They work as a constant visual reminder of the things you really want in life! Long after your brain stops consciously noticing them, your subconscious is still paying attention. So it’s basically like leaving a post-it note for your mind.

That’s very cool of course! But what actually happens to many of our vision boards? They end up pushed away in a closet somewhere, out of sight and out of mind.

I do love vision boards for their ability to make you think about the Big Picture. They’re a way to force you to sit down and really consider everything you want out of life! But you don’t have to actually make one. You can write all those ideas down, make a Pinterest board or (my favorite!) use your entire home as a vision board instead.

Basically if you’re into the vision board thing, great! By all means get down to business and revel in your vision board creation! But if you’re not feeling called by this, don’t worry about it! There are still many ways to create the same vision board effect in your life.

Manifesting Rule You Can Break #3: Visualize

A common comment I get from people is “how do I visualize the right way?” In fact it’s so common, that I really just want you to know that visualization isn’t something that comes easy to everyone! So if you’re one of those people, it’s totally okay. You can be a powerful manifestor anyway!

I do often recommend visualization as a step in manifesting. That’s because it’s important to connect with our future self energy–the energy of having–instead of just thinking about how much we want something! But you can definitely do that without the visualization.

We each learn best in different ways. Some of us need to learn by doing. Some need to hear and some need to see. For visual learners, visualization is an amazing and natural tool! But the rest of us might find another method that works better (aka journalling, making an audio to listen to, etc.).

Visualization is just another tool, not the be all and end all for your manifesting success! Again, this is why it’s so important to explain the madness behind the method instead of just telling people what to do blindly. The most important thing is to connect to your having energy so get creative and experiment! You have my permission to find the method that works best for you.

When it comes to manifesting, feel free to throw all the rules out the window! You can’t follow exactly in someone else’s footsteps in life and it’s no different when it comes to manifesting. We’re each on our own journey and it’s ultimately up to us to figure out what works best!

Thank you so much for reading! So tell me: what manifesting “rules” are YOU wanting to throw out the window? Let me know your thoughts below!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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3 Manifesting Rules You Can Break


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