2 Easy Ways To Use Your Crystals

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How To Use Crystals: Two Simple and Effective Methods

Are you fascinated by the world of crystals and eager to incorporate them into your daily routine? Jenn, a life coach and Law of Attraction teacher, shares her top two methods for using crystals effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or new to this realm, these tips can help you harness the energy of semi-precious stones in your life.

1. Sleeping with Crystals: A Gateway to Deeper Insights

Personal Experience with Crystals

Jenn shares her experience of sleeping with a smoky quartz and how it led to a profound, illuminating dream. This method is not about the type of crystal but the connection you establish with it.

How to Do It

Place a crystal under your pillow or hold it in your hand as you sleep. This practice allows the crystal to communicate with your subconscious, potentially leading to insightful dreams and messages.

Experiment and Explore

Every crystal has a unique energy. Jen suggests experimenting by sleeping with different stones from your collection and observing the messages or dreams that emerge.

2. Crystals in Your Bathtub: Charging Your Bath with Crystal Energy

A Relaxing Ritual

Adding crystals to your bath is not only relaxing but also spiritually rejuvenating. Jen frequently incorporates this into her weekly routine.

Selecting Crystals for the Bath

You can use various stones like quartz or amethyst. Placing them on each side of the bathtub helps balance the energy.

Chakra Work with Crystals

For those focusing on chakra work, corresponding colored stones can be added to the bath, enhancing the healing and balancing process.

Why These Methods Work

Personal Connection

These practices are about developing a deeper relationship with your stones. It’s not just about their physical beauty but the unique energy they bring into your life.

Enhancing Intuition and Healing

Sleeping with crystals can enhance your intuition and provide clarity on personal issues. Bathing with crystals aids in physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Tips for Beginners

Start Simple

If you’re new to crystals, begin with these two methods. They are easy to implement and can provide a great introduction to working with crystal energy.

Trust Your Instincts

When selecting crystals, trust your instincts. Choose ones that resonate with you, regardless of their specific properties.


Crystals offer a unique way to enhance your spiritual journey and personal growth. By incorporating them into your sleep routine and bath rituals, you can deepen your connection with these natural wonders. Remember, it’s not about being a crystal expert, but about how you use and connect with them in your everyday life.

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2 Easy Ways To Use Your Crystals


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