10 Signs That You're Suffering From A Poverty Mindset

10 Signs That You’re Suffering From A Poverty Mindset

Are you suffering from a poverty mindset?

If you’re trying to manifest more money, wealth, and abundance, yet finding it difficult to call in, then this might just be the root of the problem.

A poverty mindset (or scarcity thinking) is just what happens when we focus on lack more than opportunity and abundance.

Usually, when we get really worried about money, our brain goes into panic mode.

But the unfortunate side effect of a panicking brain is that your brain literally does not see some of the opportunity in the world around it.

There might be other options available to you but you are so hyper-focused on solving the one problem that you can’t see those other options.

Of course, this just creates a vicious cycle: panic about money, look around and see nothing but lack, panic some more, etc. (Yikes!)

When you’re stuck in that cycle, things can feel hopeless. And I’ve been there so trust me–I know! But I can also tell you that there is a way out (yes, always).

Today I’m sharing 10 signs of a poverty mindset with you so that you can start to recognize these patterns within your own money mindset–and start to work on clearing them ASAP!

10 Signs That You’re Suffering From A Poverty Mindset

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #1:

You Feel Hopeless About Money

Feel like your money situation is doomed to be bad forever? I know what that’s like. There’s nothing more terrifying than worrying about paying your bills and how to put food on the table. When we’re in the middle of a financial crisis it seems like there will never be a way out.

In reality, there’s always something you can do to better yourself financially. (Even if that’s selling your old laptop or getting another part-time job.) However, when you are busy staring at the negative balance in your bank account, sometimes we overlook the simple options that are right in front of us.

Let’s get this straight: feeling hopeless about money does not mean your situation is actually hopeless. This is just a temporary experience and you do have the skills to break free. However, the more you concentrate on the hopelessness the more that experience grows. So feeling hopeless becomes a never-ending cycle–and is definitely a sign of a poverty mindset.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #2:

You Avoid Your Bills

When you’re already freaking out about money, regular (or unexpected!) bills can just add more fuel to the fire. Even when you know they’re coming, opening theme and seeing how much you owe can throw you off your game–so much so that you avoid doing it at all.

Obviously, the Head In The Sand approach is not wise when it comes to money. On an energetic level, it’s really just a sign of fear. You are simply having a trauma response (aka Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn).

The problem with this approach is that it gets worse problem over time. The more you avoid it, the scarier it gets, etc. Pretty soon, you feel an actual physical response when the bills arrive and you really do think there’s nothing you can do to change the situation.

Rest assured, it’s never as bad as your body is making you feel! But your trauma response is the result of your mindset. A poverty mindset always leaves you feeling trapped and powerless but there is always a way to change out of that and get your power back.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #3:

You Think More About Saving Than Earning

When you’re stuck in a poverty mindset, you probably spend a whole lotta time thinking about how you’re going to make it through the month with the amount of money in your account. Budgeting for life is smart of course. But what if all that time spent obsessing over saving pennies was put into making a little extra money instead?

Again, the poverty mindset is so deep that we get stuck on where we are right now rather than working on getting out of it. However, just a few hours of a side hustle every month could be enough to shift your money story this month–and for months to come. Forgetting that you even have this option is a definite sign of a poverty mindset.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #4:

Living In Your Money History

Spent your money too fast or on the wrong things? Made a bad investment or lent money to the wrong person? It’s all good my friend. (No really!)

Money comes with a heavy emotional weight. That means we can get pretty down on ourselves for our past money actions and money “mistakes”. However, constantly berating yourself or telling yourself you’re stupid is not the best way to heal and get beyond this.

In fact, staying stuck and repeating those negative stories in your mind is a good way to stay stuck in your poverty mindset forever.

The only way out? Forgive yourself. Forgive what you did in the past. Really let it go as much as possible. Remember, that money is fluid and it’s okay if it flows out for a little while. Your job now isn’t to obsess over those past mistakes but to work on getting the money tide to flow back in again.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #5:

You Think Rich People Are Just Different

Be honest: do you think that rich people are just different (smarter, luckier, etc.) than you? Maybe you were raised in a family where wealthy people were always regarded as having some sort of advantage that you didn’t.

On the surface, this might not seem like it’s part of a poverty mindset. But let’s look closer: if you fundamentally believe that rich people are just (magically!) different, that also means that you’ll never be able to figure out how to become one. Then, of course, you’ll never really try to become one because how are you supposed to do that exactly?

Fact: most millionaires are self-made–which means they were once figuring out how to do it (just like you). The sooner you can get on the same page as that, the sooner you tear down the artificial walls between you and wealth (and get yourself out of your poverty mindset).

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #6:

You Take Things Personally

One sign of a poverty money mindset is that you just take it all so personally. For example, you hear about a friend getting a raise and you seethe with jealousy (even though they’re in a completely different industry than you). Or you see a friend treat themselves to a new designer bag and you judge them harshly for being so frivolous. Then when you get a parking ticket, you absolutely think it’s a sign that you will be doomed to be poor…forever.

It really sucks when you’re stuck in this money victim mentality because everything feels like it’s working against you. Bu in reality, that’s not the case. Your friends receiving and enjoying money has nothing to do with you. And a parking ticket is just a parking ticket–not an eternal curse.

If you can relate to feeling this way, please know that you’re not alone! The world isn’t really as bad as your brain is making it seem and you get to rewrite every single one of those stories. It takes time to start seeing the world in a new light but it’s the only way to get out of your poverty mindset.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #7:

You Haven’t Tried To Change Things

One sure sign of a poverty mindset is never taking steps to change anything. After all, if you feel completely defeated and hopeless, what would be the point in trying to change?

If this one resonates, try to see that this is just a trick your brain is playing on you. There is always something you can do to take action. However, your brain is trying to protect you from failure and disappointment. So it’s writing off all of those things and telling you that they won’t make a difference.

In truth, nothing changes if nothing changes. Ultimately, shifting our mindset shows up in our actions. So if your actions haven’t changed, you know you are still stuck in your poverty mindset.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #8:

You Don’t Learn More About Money

401k? ETFs or mutual funds? If the very sight of those words makes you want to run like the wind, then it’s time to sit down and ask yourself why.

Yes, spiritual people can think about savings and investing too. Don’t write off your happy future because you think it’s not something that you need to worry about. Trust me on this one! I used to be highly money avoidant but ultimately, learning more about money was a big part of my healing journey.

Thinking that finance is just beyond you somehow is just a good way to give your money power away (and stay stuck in your poverty mindset). But no one can do this work for you! Taking some baby steps to learn about money will give you more financial confidence–and shift your money mindset from scarcity into abundance!

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #9:

You Never Treat Yourself

These days treating yourself is the last thing on your mind. You’re always hustling and worrying and trying to live as minimally as possible. Again, it’s not that living within your means is bad. (It’s actually a useful life skill!) But sometimes we forget to enjoy life along the way.

Where we spend our money shows what we value in life. And if none of your money is ever going to you, that’s definitely a sign of low self-worth–and a poverty mindset.

Treating yourself does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. It could mean taking yourself out for your favorite fancy coffee or buying the September issue of Vogue. It could also mean finally upgrading your work-from-home yoga pants from the ones that are piling into ones that fit beautifully and make you feel amazing every time you put them on.

It’s not about the amount of money you spend. It’s about the joy you get from that experience and the mindset shift that goes with you after. Just be careful not to go the other way and treat yourself a little too much! No one needs a racked-up credit card when they’re already stressing about cash.

Signs Of A Poverty Mindset #10:

You Blame Your Parents, Education or Boss Etc

I get it. When you feel powerless about money, it’s easy to want to assign blame to someone outside of you. Not to say that outside forces can’t influence your life (of course they can!). But when you decide that those things are more powerful than you are, you are giving your financial power away.

So maybe your parents were constantly getting calls from collection agencies. Maybe your school wasn’t as good as your cousin’s and maybe your boss turned down your last request for a raise. Those things aren’t fun or fair but they don’t have to define what happens in your life from here.

Parents taught you some bad money habits? You can learn new ones.

Didn’t go to the right school? You can learn literally whatever you need online right now and apply that to your career, even without the degree.

Your boss isn’t seeing your value? Collect more evidence of how well you’re doing to either show him or use to get yourself another (better paying) job.

Sure, life isn’t fair. But it isn’t fair for anyone. No one’s giving you a break, no matter what has happened. (As Gary Vee says, “So what?”) Letting your past define you is the best way to stay stuck where you are. But if you want more, then it’s time to shift from poverty and scarcity into abundance.

So what did you think? Did any of these signs resonate with you? What actions are you going to take to shift from a poverty mindset into abundance?

If you’re looking for the next step, I invite you to join me inside Recode Manifestation Academy. Inside, I give you everything you need to start healing your mind and moving past your subconscious money blocks. That includes the Manifestation Toolkit, the Manifest Money program, audio hypnosis tracks to listen to on the go and so much more! Come check it out right here.

Ultimately, your brain probably has a lot of stuff in it that isn’t serving what you really want in life. But with a little care and attention, you can switch out of the poverty mindset and into massive wealth and abundance!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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10 Signs That You're Suffering From A Poverty Mindset


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